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In Times of Volatility, Trust SS&C Eze

For more than 25 years, small start-ups and large institutions alike have trusted SS&C Eze to power their investment operations. We take trust seriously and have a long track record of delivering on our commitments. That is why it was so important to us that, as we navigated the unprecedented Coronavirus situation, our clients could rely on us to continue to deliver the innovative technology and superior client service they have come to expect from SS&C Eze. Here's a look at how we did it:

Continued Innovation: Roadmap and Releases Remain on Track

SS&C Eze’s R&D teams are made up of more than 400 product and technology experts who are hard at work, making sure our products stay on track, even while working from home. Thanks to the agility of our teams, SS&C Eze’s product roadmap development continues in full force across all platforms, and releases remain on schedule.

Service and Support: Making Exceptional Client Service A Top Priority

In March, we saw a 50% increase in client support cases driven by requests for help transitioning to remote work. Support and service professionals make up 45% of SS&C Eze employees. These individuals are experts in working with our users and have a deep understanding of workflow needs and a sense of urgency in delivering clients solutions. Throughout the transition and as we navigated this crisis, they have continually delivered the high level of service and support our clients have come to expect.

Here are some ways we have done this:

No Slowing Down: SS&C Eze is Committed to Continuous Optimization

Although it may feel like some things are at a standstill right now, there’s no slowing down for SS&C Eze. Whether it is a first implementation or an upgrade, SS&C Eze is committed to delivering results so our clients can transform their businesses.

System Performance: Strong Showing Despite Volume & Volatility

Despite elevated market volumes and volatility, our platforms and systems performed well, and we’re confident they will continue to do so.

"Their system has been highly reliable during this most recent crisis, allowing us to continue our fund operations with confidence."  Rich Billig, COO at Atlas Impact Partners


System Accessibility: Trade Securely from Anywhere with SS&C Eze’s Cloud-Deployed Platforms

The industry's shift to cloud enabled many firms to continue running their businesses remotely with minimal latency to critical functions during this challenging time. From our cloud native platform, Eze Eclipse, to Eze Investment Suite, which can be deployed via the private or public cloud, all SS&C Eze solutions are cloud-enabled. And with 27001 certifications ISO 27017 Cloud Security and ISO 27018 Cloud Privacy, you can rest assured that your platform is secure, no matter where you work from.

People Power: It All Comes Back to Our Teams

It is thanks to the adaptability and timely adjustments made by our teams that SS&C Eze has remained fully operational and able to continue product roadmap development, regularly scheduled releases, and provide the high level of service and support our clients have come to expect, despite the difficult circumstances.

How do we build successful teams?

How We’ve Done It: Keeping Our Business Up & Running

We place the highest value on providing reliable, first-rate service to our clients under all circumstances and have invested time and resources into developing infrastructure and service practices that enable us to quickly recover from disruptions like COVID-19.

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