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All your data, your way, directly at your fingertips

Eze Investment Suite is your complete, front-to-back investment experience across all asset classes. Eze Investment Suite’s flexible, user-centered design empowers your users to create and tailor their own views, workrooms, and dashboards while standardizing easy-to-adopt workflows across your firm. Users can easily slice and dice data at any level ensuring they have the right information at their fingertips to make fast, accurate decisions.

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The hub of your investment ecosystem—connect with who you need

Achieve complete straight-through processing and design your own investment ecosystem. Eze Investment Suite provides an open, vendor-neutral architecture that enables you to connect with virtually any third-party platform or downstream, internal system. Flexible APIs paired with an extensive library of on-demand interfaces allow you to integrate platforms and counterparties across your firm.

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Don’t settle for just another vendor. Choose a proven partner.

SS&C Eze partners with your firm as an extension of your operations team. From implementation, we dedicate experienced support staff and experts that know your firm and your workflows. Rely on a personalized client experience that is unmatched by any other vendor.