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At SS&C Eze, employees are encouraged to bring their own diverse perspectives and expertise to work each day. This aids in building an environment of collaboration and innovation which benefits not only SS&C Eze clients and employees, but our surrounding communities as well. Here are some ways you'll experience and become part of the community and culture at SS&C Eze. 


Collaborate & Innovate 

Despite being part of a large, well-renowned organization, SS&C Eze maintains a small company feel by fostering an open and collaborative work environment. 

To continuously inspire you as an individual, and as part of the larger team, we offer an extensive library of courses, tuition reimbursement, and other opportunities for continuous learning and growth, like our mentorship program and Innovation Challenge.


Influence & Impact 

Throughout your time at SS&C Eze, you will have many opportunities to influence change—make a process more efficient, watch a product enhancement come to life, or establish an employee-led initiative that impacts the SS&C Eze culture or surrounding communities.

Leadership welcomes open communication and feedback and wants to hear from you. They act based on your input and provide transparency into company goals and progress through regular updates.


Achieve & Celebrate 

With more than 1,000 employees powering our success, we understand the importance of individual and collective recognition. Employees receive feedback and recognition from managers and clients, as well as colleagues through our Cheers for Peers program.

Employees are encouraged and empowered to celebrate their achievements. Whether it's a company-run event, like our annual holiday and summer parties, a celebration hosted by a committee, or a Friday beer hour, we're always instituting new ways to celebrate your work, and have some well-deserved fun!

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View photos and learn more about our SS&C Eze community and culture on our VentureFizz page.

At Eze, there are so many current and former colleagues and clients that have been my allies, mentors, and support systems. It's one of the main things that has kept me here — the people.
Jenny Kim DeSmyter
Director of Global Sales Strategy

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