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3 ‘Must Haves’ When Looking for an Automated Trading Solution Blog

3 ‘Must-Haves’ When Looking for an Automated Trading Solution

As trading desks struggle to balance increasing order flows with stagnant headcounts, many are finding an answer with trade automation. If you're looking to leverage automated trading to autoroute low-touch orders and refocus your traders' efforts on the high-impact trades that drive trading desk ROI, explore the three must-haves qualities of a truly automated trading solution.

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Considerations for Successfully Implementing ESG Strategies

Amidst the volatility the last year has brought to the market, ESG investing has presented itself as one of the fastest-growing asset management trends. To stay competitive as the industry adapts to this growing trend, learn what considerations you should make for successfully implementing ESG strategies.

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Future-Proofing With Next-Generation OMS/EMS Integration

Frank Matarese, Director of OMS and EMS at SS&C Eze, discusses Aite Group's report on the current and future state of OMS/EMS integration, how OEMS integration, when done right, can create a streamlined, automated, and efficient front-office, mitigating risk while maximizing operational efficiencies and capturing alpha, and the benefits of cloud deployment.

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