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Eze Eclipse Front Office

Powered by a modern cloud-native microservices architecture, Eze Eclipse is highly available and accessible from a secure web browser or our native mobile app, so you can access your portfolios and trade from anywhere.

Your front-office tools available from anywhere

Investment managers today need a platform that not only allows them to stay competitive from anywhere but boosts their ability to effectively take investment ideas and turn them into investment decisions. And your front office requires easy access to your portfolios and the advanced trading tools needed to get orders out to market, fast. Eze Eclipse empowers portfolio managers and traders to maximize alpha generation with those tools to turn their investment ideas into reality.
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Turn Your Investment Ideas Into Reality

Whether you trade internally or connect to an Outsourced Trading Desk (OTD), you need enhanced order, execution, and analytics tools to help you stay ahead. Eze Eclipse enhances trading efficiencies directly from an intuitive blotter with optimized order routing, on-the-fly allocation tools, and key data summaries. Robust portfolio management tools allow you to stay on top of fund and strategy performance with real-time market values, Current Day Profit and Loss, Historical Profit and Loss, and exposure monitoring tools tailor-fit for each user.
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Powering Your Front Office with Eze Eclipse

Order Management

Fast order entry and sophisticated allocation automation

Mobile Access

Highly secure mobile access to your portfolios and trading with the Eze app

Market Data

Integrated multi-asset market data solution at no extra charge to lower costs

Portfolio Analytics

Extensive real-time market value, P&L, and exposure monitoring

Eze Locate Hub

Request and accept short locates across orders with easy-to-use Eze Locate Hub


Robust pre-/post-trade compliance monitoring throughout the trade’s lifecycle

Ready to Talk?

Our sales team will be happy to talk through the options and help find a solution that works for you.