Managed Services


We couple our core product suite with a robust Managed Service offering to help you further streamline your day-to-day operations. Whether you are looking to augment your in-house staff, reduce your technology footprint, or minimize IT oversight and requirements, we ensure you’re fully supported on all levels so that you can focus on what you do best.


Our team of experienced database and server administrators provide real-time performance monitoring and maintenance and ensure seamless production upgrades. We can also work with you to perform a technical analysis to help design customized disaster recovery, capacity, and hardware planning.


We provide all clients with high-touch, end-to-end setup and support for FIX connectivity. Our support team monitors tens of thousands of electronic FIX connections daily between our buy-side customers and the sell side. As a member of the FIX Protocol LTD (FPL) we stay informed on industry trends and ongoing regulatory changes and participate in various working groups to keep abreast of new industry protocols and technology developments for electronic trading.


We build, deploy, and proactively monitor an extensive library of interfaces for automated and secure data transfers to and from other third-party systems. We develop, test, and implement third-party data interfaces configured for each client’s specific trading and operational needs.


Our compliance consultants offer a deep understanding of the complex global regulatory environment and benefit from working with hundreds of asset managers in jurisdictions around the globe. They serve as an extension of your in-house compliance staff by assisting on projects where new investment guidelines, investor-specific rules, and regulatory checks are needed. The consultants are skilled in creating compliance rules and calculations. They can advise you on compliance best practices, including changing regulations, reports, and disclosure.


We offer clients a variety of options for centrally managed infrastructure. Eze Software can host and manage your implementation or you can select from a trusted network of leading hosting providers.


Our professional services team is available to partner with clients looking for highly customized projects to meet your specialized trading and operating requirements. Projects can range from extensive custom reports to fully custom development.