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Eze Managed Services

Your all-in-one partner for software and services

Extend the footprint of your team. Focus on what matters most to your business.

Our expert-provided Managed Services serve as an extension of your team – helping you manage essential, routine daily and monthly processes from within your existing Eze technology platform, conserving your resources for higher-value work. With a flexible menu of front-, middle-, and back-office operational services, you can build a solution to meet your needs today and adjust as needed to meet the needs of your firm as it grows.
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Who We Are

With decades of industry experience, the operational expertise to support the most sophisticated strategies and fund structures, and a deep understanding of your technology platform, our Managed Services professionals are experts trusted to help firms maximize efficiencies to drive meaningful results.
120 collective years of industry experience​
50+ collective years of accounting/recon experience
40 collective years of Eze experience

A single SS&C-backed solution for software and services with a dedicated team that thoroughly understands your technology, your workflows, and your business.

Our Clients

Why Firms Choose SS&C Eze Managed Services

Maximize Visibility with Services Performed in Your Existing System

Prevent latency and file exchange issues & maintain visibility into activities as they happen. 


Seamless Service Experience for Onboarding & Beyond

Onboarding and support teams work in lockstep with you and our Managed Services experts, so you’re always talking to someone who knows your firm.


Enhance Operational & Cost Efficiencies 

Consolidate in-house and outsourced operations and cut the cost and hassle of onboarding & managing third-party vendors, hiring & training staff, or purchasing additional user licenses.


A Flexible Extension of Your Team and Operations

With a flexible menu of front-, middle-, and back-office operational services, our solutions are customizable to meet your needs today & tomorrow.


Ensure Data Privacy & Integrity 

Eliminate disparate systems and keep your data within a single platform utilized by your Managed Services provider.


Get the Most Value from Your System with Expert Technology Insights

SS&C Eze’s service professionals are experts in our platforms & helping you derive the most value from your system.

“Our whole back-office operation is covered. I get to come in each morning, and our entire reconciliation process is done. Reports are already run and sent to my inbox without any work on our side saving us 4 or 5 hours each day.”
Chief Operating OfficerLong/Short, Events-Driven Hedge Fund

A Flexible Menu of Managed Services to Meet Your Firm’s Needs

With a flexible menu of front-, middle-, and back-office operational services, SS&C Eze’s Managed Services can be adjusted as needed to meet your business needs of today and tomorrow.