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Options Transparency, Best Execution

Vesel is a unique data provider that empowers users to discover who the “Axe” is in the options market, providing full transparency with a single click, saving valuable time and money. As firms advertise post-trade option flows, Vesel users can transparently source liquidity which leads to best execution by exposing the most active dealers in securities.

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Fixed Income AI, Quantitative Analytics

Overbond is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) quantitative analytics provider for institutional fixed income capital markets. They provide data aggregation solutions and a comprehensive suite of AI algorithms for bond pricing, pre-trade signals, and market surveillance.

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SS&C Intralinks

Fundraising & Investor Reporting

SS&C Intralinks is a leading financial technology provider for the global banking, deal-making, and capital markets communities. Their technology enables and secures the flow of information facilitating strategic initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, and investor reporting.


Battea Class Action Services

Securities Class Action Filing Services

Battea Class Action Services is an industry expert in all stages of asserting and processing settlement claims in connection with securities, interest rate derivatives, antitrust, collective action filings, and settlement distributions. Battea works to create Operational Alpha, decreasing internal resource hours required to manage the class action filing process while increasing the potential for net proceeds to the fund.

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SS&C's Treasury Management Platform

Cash Management, Forecasting

Gain operational efficiencies, meet regulatory requirements, and maximize returns with SS&C’s Treasury Management Platform that leverages three-plus decades of technological innovation and operational expertise focused on investment management.

omega point

Omega Point

Data Analytics, Investment Intelligence, Risk

Omega Point is a comprehensive front-office risk management and portfolio construction solution for investors to harness the world's data in their decision-making process.

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Trade Surveillance

SteelEye offers an integrated trade surveillance solution that reduces the operational overhead and risk that comes from mounting regulatory pressure. The asset-class agnostic solution provides out-of-the-box, yet comprehensive surveillance algorithms that analyze trades and orders for market manipulation and suspicious activity. The user interface is intuitive, and the algorithms are easy to calibrate, schedule, and run – empowering firms with a robust and tailored surveillance system.

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Abel Noser

Transaction Cost Analysis, Best Execution

Abel Noser Solutions is an industry leading global provider of multi-asset class trade cost analysis, trade surveillance, and regulatory reporting solutions for investment managers, asset owners, consultants, and brokers. They strive to provide their more than 500 clients with increased transparency, cost savings, and improved investment performance while supporting a rigorous regulatory compliance process.



Automated Regulatory Compliance, Risk

AQMetrics is a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Managed Service solutions to tier-one banks, asset managers, fund administrators and hedge funds. Their solutions enable simple, reliable, and cost-effective risk management and regulatory compliance through a cloud platform that integrates risk and regulatory solutions, allowing clients to stay compliant with existing and emerging regulations.



Fixed Income Market Experts

Trumid is a financial technology company and fixed income electronic trading platform focused on US dollar-denominated Investment Grade, High Yield, Distressed and Emerging Market bonds. Trumid optimizes the credit trading experience by combining agile technology and market expertise, with a focus on product design. The result is a differentiated ecosystem of protocols and trading solutions delivered within one intuitive platform.


Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics helps institutional investors optimize their equity portfolios with artificial intelligence. Their point-and-click AI software - Boosted Insights - assists hedge funds and asset managers in finding additional opportunities for their funds. With its advanced processing power and speed, the Boosted Insights platform harnesses a wealth of data to learn and identify patterns which can be used to improve return, alpha or any variety of portfolio metrics when combined with an investor’s own capital markets expertise.

Transaction Cost Analysis, Analytics, Best Execution is a data and analytics disruptor that uses state-of-the art technology and cloud-based infrastructure to deliver innovative solutions to analytical challenges. Their flagship trading intelligence platform – – delivers pre-trade, real-time and historical insights to help clients trade better and more efficiently.

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Secured Communications

Information Security, Encrypted File Sharing

Secured Communications is the technology leader in secure business communications. Developed in partnership with former senior FBI and global law enforcement leaders, the company’s suite of products protects information with the most advanced and intuitive encrypted solutions. Its platform is trusted by counterterrorism professionals, public safety agencies and vetted corporations worldwide.


GRMA (FinTech + Advisory)

Data Aggregation, Curated Data, Reporting 

GRMA is a leading FinTech + Advisory firm that provides SaaS-based data aggregation, data curation, and outsourced reporting: regulatory, investor, portfolio, performance, risk management, and ESG for asset managers and asset owners. With a diverse suite of solutions, learn more about the one that may work for your firm.



Pre-Trade Pricing, Multi-Asset Class Support, Fixed Income 

BondCliQ provides fingertip access to best-in-class, real time, corporate bond quotes and axes, alongside dealer performance rankings, from 40+ participating dealers. BondCliQ's unique dealer protocols significantly improve the quality and reliability of pre-trade data so that users can avoid "socializing" their orders. 


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Cynosura Risk

Risk Analysis, Reporting

Wolfram Risk is a comprehensive risk management package offering ex-post and ex-ante risk analysis and it is now available to clients via Eze Marketplace. A plug-and-play solution that includes comprehensive reporting and market data, a perfect addition to the active risk taker looking to take full control of their portfolio(s).

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S3 Partners

Market Intelligence, Trade Analytics

S3 Partners is a leading technology and financial data analytics company that allows Buy Side market participants to obtain a clear and accurate picture of capital markets trading activity in real time. S3’s BLACKLIGHT app allows users to consolidate their trading and securities business activity and data into one customizable platform in order to act with agility and maximize potential.

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Market Intelligence, AI

Aiera is the only LIVE event monitoring & financial search platform covering all available Wall Street events, providing real-time transcription, one-click audio, DVR-style live audio controls, smart document search, dynamic alerts, and seamless team collaboration via bookmarks and note taking.

portfolio science

Portfolio Science


Portfolio Science specializes in risk management technology for financial institutions, investment services, financial advisors and hedge funds. The company’s cloud-based RiskAPI® service allows fund managers, advisors, and traders, as well as both buy-side and sell-side market participants to access powerful risk analysis capabilities on demand.

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Data Warehouse, Visualization, Reporting

Lightkeeper’s Saas software platform leverages proprietary techniques to allow asset managers to ingest data from anywhere and gain insight on their portfolio through analytics, reports and interactive exploration.

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EMS, Advanced Trading

Power your performance with premium liquidity access, critical market insights, advanced and automated trading tools across global equities, futures, and option markets.

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Eze Managed Services

Managed Services, Operations

Focus on your highest value tasks and minimize hiring needs by offloading your daily operational and accounting activities to a highly specialized and expert managed services team.

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Eze Commission Management

Commission Management, Broker Vote

Consolidate your commission management process onto a single platform so you can efficiently manage your entire commission management process and gain full transparency of your commission spending.