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AdminMar, 30 20235 min read

Is Your Investment Technology Provider Putting Your Firm at Risk? 3 Actions You Can Take to Help Keep Your Firm Safe from Cyberthreats

As the sophistication of cybercriminals continues to grow, so does the frequency of their ...
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AdminFeb, 28 20235 min read

Investment Firms Seek Reliability and Security as they Use Technology to Do More with Less

The past year was a challenging one for many investment firms. In the US, as the Fed ...
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AdminFeb, 16 20234 min read

Key Crypto Considerations: Are Institutions Ready to Capitalize on Digital Asset Opportunity?

For many years, the idea that traditional financial institutions would invest in digital ...
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Zachary GordonDec, 18 20223 min read

Three Order Management Tools Every Asset Manager Needs in Their Arsenal

Today, asset managers have to do more with less. Volatile markets, low yield rates, ...
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Frank MatareseMar, 29 20222 min read

Eze Investment Suite Feature Updates & Our Focus for the Future

This past year has kept us busy – bringing you the enhancements, features, and ...
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AdminOct, 30 20191 min read

Cyber Security: Conducting Vendor Due Diligence

Cyber security has been a growing concern for institutional investors. The World Economic ...
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Jordan DaubOct, 25 20192 min read

Tackling Multi-Manager Onboarding: How Technology Can Help

We have recently seen a meaningful increase in the number of multi-manager funds in a ...
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AdminMar, 11 20194 min read

APAC 2019: Asset Management & Technology Trends

2018 was a strong growth year in Asia-Pacific. Asian mutual fund assets grew 8.2% to ...
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James GriffinFeb, 13 20192 min read

Bringing Operational Efficiency To Institutional Managers

Now, more than ever, long-only asset managers are facing unprecedented change. Alpha ...
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AdminDec, 5 20174 min read

Strategic Tilts: Managing Factor Exposure In Real-Time

In the last month, multiple articles have come out indicating that the use of factor ...
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