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Jun, 19 2019 < 1 min read

CAT Is Coming: Will FINRA Be Ready?

Earlier this year, FINRA took over the massive Consolidated Audit Trail project – a ...
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Jan, 23 2019 1 min read

Operations Intelligence: Your Top Picks

As we kick off another year of thought leadership at SS&C Eze, here is a look back at ...
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Nov, 7 2018 2 min read

Is Your Trading Data Intelligent?

The trading process is inherently powered by data. In the current economic environment, ...
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Jun, 14 2018 9 min read

When Rapid Development Iteration Isn't Agile—And 5 Ways To Fix It

I've been building software at an enterprise software company for the past 8 years as a ...
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Mar, 29 2018 6 min read

Commission Management: The Next Frontier of MiFID II

The compliance date for implementation of MiFID II in Europe saw many investment managers ...
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Jan, 16 2018 4 min read

MiFID II Kick-Off: Chaos? Maybe Not

Now that we’re halfway through the first month of MiFID II, it’s time for a look-back at ...
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Aug, 15 2017 4 min read

Stunnel: Enabling FIX Encryption via a Proxy

Information security has been top-of-mind for many asset managers lately. From cybercrime ...
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Jul, 11 2017 4 min read

MiFIR Implementation: Practical Challenges & Solution Options

With less than six months to go before the MiFIR implementation deadline, one question ...
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Jun, 9 2017 2 min read

Putting ARMs Around MiFID II Transaction Reporting

Summer means going away on holiday for many. But if you’re in charge of MiFID II ...
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Mar, 8 2017 4 min read

MiFID Reloaded: Using Advanced Analytics to Support Best Execution

When I was an equities dealer on the buy-side for a short while, some seven years ago, I ...
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