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AdminJan, 23 20191 min read

Operations Intelligence: Your Top Picks

As we kick off another year of thought leadership at SS&C Eze, here is a look back at some of the most read SS&C Eze blog posts of 2018. We’ll be rolling out several new posts soon, but in the meantime, tell us: what would you like to explore in 2019?

We look forward to keeping the conversation going!

True Straight-Through Processing: What Is Eze Investment Suite?Frank Orzechowski explores the benefits of reimagining the investment process as a whole, and dives into the making of a unified enterprise-wide Eze Investment Suite.

Starting A Fund In 2018: Challenges, Opportunities & the Role of OperationsJames Baxter talks about the challenges of raising capital for a new fund in 2018, and what funds can do from the technology perspective to make them stand out. Since that post, we’ve had many conversations with our start-up and emerging manager clients, and we learned enough to put together a comprehensive deep dive on the topic. Download our brand-new guide Operations Done Right From the Start: What To Look For From Your Investment Technology Provider.

Eze 2018: On the Road to a Fintech EcosystemJeff Shoreman explores the trends driving the investment management landscape in 2018, and delves into the SS&C Eze vision for an interconnected ecosystem. We’ll have an update post for you in the coming weeks.

When Rapid Development Iteration Isn’t Agile – And 5 Ways to Fix ItPhil Christianson examines the right and wrong ways to do Agile, and how doing it the right way has made our development efforts smoother, faster and more beneficial to clients. And if you prefer the shorter audio version, Phil also discussed this topic with the editors at Waters Technology. If you haven’t checked out Anthony Malakian’s and James Rundle’s Wavelength podcast yet, head on over to Soundcloud – these guys know their financial technology, and they discuss all of the latest and greatest developments.

Commission Management: The Next Frontier of MiFID II – An early look at the implications of MiFID II for commission management. We’re sure we’ll return to this topic, and other MiFID II discussions, later this year.

So, tell us: what would you like to learn this year? We look forward to hearing from you.