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Frank OrzechowskiJun, 28 20184 min read

True Straight-Through Processing: What Is Eze Investment Suite?

Earlier this year, we unified all of our development processes across Eze Investment Suite, tying disparate parts of investment operations together better than ever before. We are now releasing updates across our applications every six weeks, improving not only their individual functionality, but the ways they work together across the investment management operation. It’s a goal we’ve been working on since the formation of Eze Software in 2013– ensuring that all of the various processes in an investment operation can be united by a standardized data set, and serviced by a single suite of award-winning technologies. This is what we mean when we talk about true straight-through processing for investment management operations.

We’ve often heard of integration by “swivel chair,” and we believe that approach wastes talent and time. Low-fidelity, arms-length integrations such as FIX drop copies —sometimes between competitors where source code and other intellectual property will never be freely shared or made available—require a lot of hands-on data handling. Critical investment-professional talent wastes time fixing and copying the data, and IT or support staff likewise spend an inordinate amount of time diagnosing the issues between vendors that inevitably crop up whenever upgrades or new features are introduced. That time could be better spent on your core business.

That’s where the value proposition of Eze Investment Suite truly lies – we’ve eliminated the need for hands-on processing and manual reconciliation, so you can work on the investments while our technology takes care of the rest.

To understand how we got here, it’s worth exploring some history.

Eze Software’s technologies have a storied past. Eze OMS entered the market in 1995, when Eze Castle Software founder Sean McLaughlin set out to help firms improve trading operations by automating order management. When Eze Software was formed in 2013, we brought in RealTick, a pioneering market data and trading technology provider founded in 1985, and Tradar, a leading supplier of portfolio management and accounting tools across asset classes and geographies globally since 1997. These acquisitions positioned Eze Software to bring together the best-of-breed capabilities across the front-, middle-, and back-office. Then we got to work on creating a single investment management system that would tie these solutions together in the best way.

Today, Eze Investment Suite optimizes the investment operations of more than 1,300 investment managers worldwide, bringing 360-degree coverage for managers of all styles, asset classes, sizes and strategies. It is available in the public cloud, on premise, and through hosted solutions. Ultimately, Eze Investment Suite ensures investment management talent can focus on delivering investment alpha, while our technology takes care of their operational tasks, minimizes their daily to-do list, and improves operational alpha for the organization.

Though we’ve been working hard on creating a single solution for straight-through-processing, this doesn’t mean that all we’ve been working on is integration. Each of the main applications within Investment Suite – Eze OMS, Eze EMS, and Eze Portfolio Management & Accounting – continues to see new functionality, and improvements in both quality and speed. A big part of our offering to the market is optionality: we want our customers to be able to use a single Eze Investment Suite application, the full Eze Investment Suite, or any combination of our applications with third-party solutions that suit their workflows best. We continue to invest much of our R&D budget into continuously enhancing our long-standing applications.

So, what is Eze Investment Suite? It’s our award-winning solutions, designed and tested and regularly released together, using the same data to inform and enable your workflows throughout the day. We worry about the mechanics of ensuring your trade data makes it into your back-office NAV and transaction views as soon as they’re complete, for instance, so you don’t have to scramble after one big data export at the end of the day. We ensure that pre-trade compliance is built into your trading workflow, to save you the time of going back and forth between systems, and to ensure your executions meet your compliance criteria at the outset. Eze Investment Suite is made up of all the tools you need to run your investment operation. You can adopt one, or you can adopt them all: the more tools you use, the more leverage you’ll gain.

Increasingly, more of our clients are recognizing the benefits of using the integrated approach: we’ve consistently seen double-digit growth in multi-application usage, and in 2017, 70 clients expanded their use of Eze Investment Suite by one or more applications.

We’ll be regularly keeping you in the loop about functionality improvements in our upcoming “What’s New in Eze Investment Suite” blog series. Expect to see updates on the latest releases, and deeper dives into tools and solutions. In order to get the latest updates, subscribe to the blog using the form at the top of this page.

To learn about Eze Software's award-winning investment suite, please visit our solutions page.

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Frank Orzechowski

Frank Orzechowski is the managing director of product management for SS&C Eze and SS&C’s Financial Markets Group. In this role, he oversees global product management for the Eze and FMG product families and is responsible for strategic planning for the product roadmap, execution of the product development changes, and product evolution across SS&C Eze’s flagship solution, Eze Investment Suite, as well as its cloud-native platform, Eze Eclipse. He previously ran product management for Eze Investment Suite and played a pivotal role in the successful launch of the industry’s first-ever integrated front-to-back-office platform when the company integrated Eze’s best-of-breed standalone applications across OMS, EMS, and portfolio accounting. Since joining Eze in 2006, Frank has held numerous leadership positions across product management specializing in front-office workflows including trading, allocation, portfolio analytics, and portfolio modeling. Frank graduated from Colby College with a bachelor’s degree in government.