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What’s New In Eze Investment Suite: Introducing 2018.4 Updates

Frank Orzechowski


In the latest release of Eze Investment Suite, 2018.4, we updated functionality across the OMS, EMS and Portfolio Management & Accounting applications, focusing on simplifying workflows within each application. We also continued to improve data flows across Eze Investment Suite to deliver a smoother experience to those clients that use more than one part of the platform. In this update, you can expect to see improved locates functionality in in Eze EMS, ease-of-use upgrades in Eze OMS, and simplified reconciliation and settlement workflows within Eze PMA.

Let’s dig into some of the improvements:


Eze EMS 2018.4 has multiple new features for handling staged pairs. Notional and Notional CCY fields have been added to each leg on Staged Pair order forms, so users can more easily enter and assess the cost of the order, with automatic updates made for legs requiring different currencies.

We’ve also improved the display of ratios for staged pairs, adding a setting that allows the user to verify the spread limit in the broker pair algo is the same as the limit price. The display of order information for additional order legs in the Pairs Blotter and List Trader was also simplified, minimizing the need for additional screens and custom columns.

We’ve also enabled more granular control over the security locate process for short trades for EMS users that also use Eze OMS. We’ve extended the Locates Grid functionality that provides a single, unified view of located shares and available counterparties to Eze EMS for users of both applications.

Click here for a deeper view into Eze EMS 2018.4


Eze OMS enhancements in 2018.4 focus on currency functionality and enhanced management of short trades.

We’re working to find places where we can improve the way you handle trade allocations at scale. In this release, we made changes to Settle Currency workflows to make things easier when you have trades allocated to lots of brokers. Now, instead of changing the settle currency across multiple brokers row by row, you can make a change across multiple brokers in a single move.

Click here for a deeper view into Eze OMS 2018.4

Eze Portfolio Management & Accounting (PMA)

Eze PMA saw several new features and enhancements for building reports, reconciling portfolio data, and calculating NAV and P&L in 2018.4.

Adding subscriptions or redemptions to a fund can be complex for cash reconciliations when the FX rate settles later. Now, Eze PMA’s Subscription & Redemption Wizard allows users to select a settlement date to avoid reconciliation challenges later on. Moreover, users can now import the settlement date in the transaction file, further simplifying reconciliation. Additionally, we’ve added the capability to more easily reconcile unmapped securities.

Click here for a more detailed view of Eze PMA 2018.4

These are just some highlights from the latest release; download the Eze Investment Suite 2018.4 Update Tour to see what else is new. We’re already working on the next release, so expect an update soon. As always, we would love to hear your feedback.

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