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AdminOct, 2 20202 min read

SS&C Eze Unveils Preview of New Mobile App

New app for Android and iOS is powered by Eze Eclipse and provides access to Eze on-the-go

SS&C Eze is unveiling a new app for Android and iOS that will provide secure, mobile access to SS&C Eze applications on-the-go. The next-generation Eze mobile app is powered by Eze Eclipse, SS&C Eze’s rapidly growing cloud-native investment management platform, which now has more than 150 asset managers signed on.  

“This isn’t our first foray into mobile - we launched the first-ever OMS mobile app on the market more than 15 years ago. Now, mobility and accessibility are more important than ever. We’re excited to leverage the power of Eze Eclipse for our next-generation mobile app,” said Michael Hutner, General Manager of SS&C Eze. “Due to its inherent availability and scalability, Eze Eclipse is the most accessible, reliable, and secure platform on the market. Now we’re able to extend the benefits of its cloud-native architecture to deliver a truly superior mobile experience for all of our products.” 

The new Eze mobile app is designed to empower portfolio managers, traders, and compliance officers to conduct critical investment activities directly from their iPhone or Android devices. It features a mobile-optimized user experience and was developed based on extensive market research including interviews and testing with 60+ users. The app will leverage the Eze Eclipse cloud-native microservice architecture to enable faster innovation with continuous updates in the highly scalable, reliable, and secure infrastructure.  

“This next-generation Eze app gives portfolio managers and other key personnel more flexibility and control with the ability to perform important investment activities on their phone, from anywhere,” said Frank Orzechowski, head of product management for SS&C Eze. “Whether you’re a portfolio manager wearing many hats, or part of a large firm with more focused teams, there’s tremendous value in untethering these critical, timely activities (such as viewing P&L or checking recon processes or start-of-day positions) from the traditional confines of the office or your desktop.” 

Eze Eclipse will be the first product available on the Eze app when it launches later this year. The first release will provide portfolio managers with access to key analytics data and additional features will be rolled out quickly and iteratively through continuous updates.   

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SS&C Eze maintains a robust security framework and is ISO 27001 certified, encompassing ISO 27017 and 27018 for Cloud Security and Cloud Privacy. Eze Eclipse was recently named Best Cloud Solution in the 2020 Asia Risk Awards and Best Workflow Management System in the 2020 HFM US Technology Awards. 

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