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AdminJan, 15 20214 min read

2020 Year in Review: A Message of Gratitude

A message from Michael Hutner: 

2020 was a challenging year for all. Back in March, I wrote that although we were facing unprecedented times, we, as a company, had navigated uncharted waters before. I recalled the compassion and community I’d witnessed in the wake of past crises and drew hope and strength from those memories.

Despite the difficult circumstances, our teams went above and beyond and came together to support one another and our clients. I couldn’t be prouder of their hard work and their compassion. Today, I want to extend my sincere thanks to our Eze team members and recognize all that they’ve accomplished this year.

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They found new ways to strengthen and grow the Eze community.

At SS&C Eze, we pride ourselves on our partnership approach. As part of this approach, our definition of community isn’t confined to SS&C Eze employees but includes individuals across SS&C, in our communities, and of course, our clients and partners.

One of the benefits of replacing in-person meetings with virtual has been the opportunity to strengthen our connections with clients. Videoconferencing from home has opened the door to more personal, collaborative conversations, which have allowed us to react faster, bring more detailed insight to our product teams, and better Eze as an organization. It’s also given us the good fortune to meet with more clients and senior stakeholders than ever before.

In 2020, we onboarded 3-4 new clients each week and doubled our Eze Eclipse client base. With these additions, our client community is stronger than ever, and we are grateful to be able to connect you to one another through our new executive roundtable series as well as virtual events, like wine tastings and webinars.

We’ve also added new ways for you to connect with us, like this blog, which we’ve grown by nearly 80%. We hope it has served as a source of insight and inspiration or even just a welcome distraction on a tough day.

They reimagined how collaboration and innovation can happen.

I’m incredibly proud of the ways I’ve seen our SS&C Eze teams come together to adapt to challenging situations and support one another, all while ensuring that innovation continues to thrive at SS&C Eze.

Teams across Eze discovered new ways to connect and collaborate. We scrummed, and brainstormed, and white-boarded virtually. Our annual Innovation Challenge was live-streamed. We also maintained our work hard, play hard culture, coordinating happy hours, yoga classes, and even an international Eze Family Feud competition.

Through it all, they didn’t slow down.

Despite the challenges of the past year, our team at SS&C Eze had great success – a testament to the quality of our products, services, and – of course – our people.

Throughout the year, we invested over $40mm into our platforms with which our teams bolstered fixed income coverage and added automated trading in Eze Investment Suite, enhanced front-office workflows and improved reconciliation in Eze Eclipse, launched the new Eze mobile app, and much more – earning us 24 industry awards across our products. And, as always, we prioritized security and keeping your data safe.

Our teams also refined our service model to further optimize it for a remote environment. Using this model, they successfully helped hundreds of clients launch new funds, implement new investment strategies, or transition to remote operations.

They helped us grow.

Many wise individuals have asserted that it is best to surround yourself with partners who are better than you are. This is a philosophy I subscribe to and something I’ve been sure to do at Eze. From the wisdom of leaders who’ve been with Eze for years to the fresh perspectives of those who joined our team more recently to the leadership at SS&C who empowered me with the flexibility to adapt as situations changed, respond as clients’ needs evolved, and make the best decisions for our clients and our company, every day I’m challenged to be a better version of myself. For that I am thankful.

In the same vein, I’m incredibly grateful to our clients for the feedback you’ve shared when we’ve done well, and when we can do better. Much like our Eze employees have pushed me to be a better version of myself, you’ve pushed this organization to be an even better Eze.

The Year Ahead.

Last year marked Eze’s 25th anniversary, my 20th “Eze-iversary,” and my first year of running the business. Though I hadn’t anticipated piloting the team through the challenges of 2020, as I reflect on the year, I was able to do so because of the team standing behind me.

We may be physically distant. But in the past ten months, we met partners, children, pets, and even Peletons. We shared struggles, showed compassion, and supported each other while driving the business forward.

2021 will undoubtedly present challenges of its own. However, from what I’ve seen from our teams over the past year, I’m confident they’re up to the task and ready to face these challenges with kindness and compassion and ultimately grow stronger because of them.

Thank you for putting your trust in SS&C Eze and for believing in this incredible team. I look forward to partnering throughout 2021 and beyond.

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