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AdminMar, 20 20202 min read

Preparedness & Resiliency in Uncertain Times: A Message from Michael Hutner

A Message from Michael Hutner Regarding COVID-19

These are challenging and unprecedented times. In a matter of weeks, the global coronavirus pandemic has drastically shifted the way we live, work, and interact. At SS&C Eze, we pride ourselves on our partnership approach to business, and a fundamental tenet is maintaining clear and open channels of communication. I want to take this opportunity to update you on the steps we at SS&C Eze are taking to manage the coronavirus situation.   

On behalf of all our global teams, I would like to extend great sympathy to those impacted, both directly, and indirectly by COVID-19. To those infected with the virus, we wish you a quick recovery. I would also like to express sincere thanks to the healthcare workers, first responders, and other emergency personnel on the front lines.

At SS&C Eze, our top priority is the health and safety of our employees, partners, and communities. We continue to monitor the situation around the world. Our global coordinated pandemic working group meets on an ongoing, daily basis to ensure we quickly adapt to the rapidly evolving circumstances.

In light of the accelerating spread of COVID-19 across the globe, and the recent restrictions put in place from government officials, all SS&C Eze employees are now working from home. Over the last several weeks, we conducted infrastructure tests and completed work-from-home-readiness planning to ensure we were ready to move to a remote structure. Thanks to the extensive preparedness of our business continuity planning, and the cooperation and agility of our global teams, the transition has been seamless.

Our entire organization remains fully operational. Product roadmap development continues in full force across all platforms, releases will remain on schedule, and we have the full capacity to deliver you the high level of service and support you have come to expect from SS&C Eze. Throughout this elevated market volume and volatility, our systems have performed well, and our partners can depend on SS&C Eze platforms to continue to do so.

Although this situation is unprecedented, we have traversed uncharted territory before including 9/11, the great recession in 2008, and Hurricane Sandy. What gives me hope now is that throughout each of these trying times, I witnessed the strength of human resiliency. I do not doubt that it will once again be resiliency that carries us as we come together as partners to navigate the times ahead.

Now, more than ever before, we must remain connected. If there is any way that we at SS&C Eze can help support you in the coming days, weeks, or months, please do not hesitate to reach out. 


Michael Hutner

Senior Vice President, General Manager of SS&C Eze