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AdminJan, 7 20225 min read

Your Top Picks: Trending Investment Management Insights

At SS&C Eze, we pride ourselves on being more than just a vendor but a partner to our clients. One way we do this is by ensuring we're always in tune with your needs and the needs of the market, your challenges, and your priorities.

To gain insights on these topics, we meet and work closely with key partners, analysts, clients, and other industry leaders to learn from their expertise. We also consult with our employees, many of whom have extensive experience and tenure in investment management and technology.

We share our findings with you in our blogs, whitepapers and ebooks, newsletters, and the content our knowledgeable network of SS&C Eze employees post on Linkedin. As a new year takes off, we wanted to share which of these insights our clients and other industry participants found most valuable over the past 12 months.

From the SS&C Eze Blog: Top Investment Industry Tips & Trends

Each year, the SS&C Eze blog grows, bringing you more tips, more trends, and more insights. Which blogs were our readers’ favorites throughout 2021?

Life at SS&C Eze: Content from our Community

Readers were also interested in learning more about the people and culture at SS&C Eze, reading up on our history, how SS&C Eze fosters innovation to help build our next-gen technology, and some of the incredibly talented members of our leadership team.

Subscriber Favorites: Insights from Our SS&C Eze Experts

Our blog subscribers, who receive SS&C Eze’s posts straight to their inboxes, had some favorites of their own. Here are the insights they enjoyed most from our SS&C Eze experts:

In 2022, we’ll continue to feature insights on the blog from product and industry experts on the topics that matter most to the investment management community. Stay tuned for a chance to weigh in on which topics you’d like to see covered this year!

To receive these insights first, become a blog subscriber here:

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Deep Dives: The Evolution & Future of Investment Management and Practical Guides

Visitors looking to dive deeper into how the industry is evolving and what to expect from the future of investment management found what they were looking for with whitepapers like OMS/EMS Convergence in the Cloud: The Road Less Traveled, an exploration of the marketplace trends influencing OMS and EMS innovations, and Key Drivers of the Global Investment Management Industry, a look at major industry challenges, opportunities, and drivers.

Readers also turned to SS&C Eze for practical advice, like how to best set their firm up for long-term growth and key issues to consider when switching investment systems.

Discover all the topics SS&C Eze has explored in-depth in our ebooks and whitepapers here.

Making Waves on LinkedIn: The Posts That Got People Talking

This year, thousands of you discovered insights from SS&C Eze via social media, engaging with content shared by our knowledgeable network of SS&C Eze employees. Here are some of the posts that got people talking:

Earlier in 2021, the SS&C Eze team made a splash on LinkedIn with the announcement of Eze for iPhone & Android:

And in December, we made waves again with the launch of Eze Marketplace:

Throughout the year, our LinkedIn networks could count on SS&C Eze’s teams to share the latest on industry updates, challenges, and solutions.

Other popular posts covered new tools and tips for utilizing features in SS&C Eze’s award-winning investment management solution Eze Investment Suite and next-generation platform Eze Eclipse.

Our networks also enjoyed learning about how some of SS&C Eze’s clients are using our solutions to optimize and grow their firms.

To keep up with the latest content from SS&C Eze, follow the #SSCEze and #LifeatSSCEze hashtags on LinkedIn and connect with our teams – we’re always willing to talk about the latest industry trends or share how our solutions can help you.

Thank you for choosing to partner with SS&C Eze throughout 2021 for your solutions, services, and insights. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you through 2022 and beyond!