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David DittaJun, 4 20242 min read

3 ‘Must Haves’ When Looking for an Automated Trading Solution

At SS&C, we spend a lot of time talking with the thousands of traders using our ...
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Joe SinkevichMay, 16 20245 min read

The Art of Sparking Innovation in Large Companies

Innovation is the lifeblood of any organization, driving growth, competitiveness, and ...
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AdminMay, 15 20245 min read

Embracing the Unknown: How Lizzy Desino's Determination Drives Success

In 2015, Lizzy Desino joined SS&C Eze, then Eze Software, and on her first day, dove ...
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Craig MacAdamsMay, 13 20242 min read

Investment Tech's Big Transformation: Redefining the Future of Your Front Office

For the last two decades, asset managers have invested heavily in back-office operations ...
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Andrew BloniganMay, 7 20243 min read

Automation, Co-sourcing, and Partnerships in Eze Eclipse – How Much Can We Really Take Off Your Plate?

As regulations change, the settlement cycle shortens, and investor scrutiny and due ...
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Kathryn MendesApr, 11 20247 min read

5 Investment Firms Creating Opportunities in Today’s Markets

Asset class expansion, operational efficiency, and outsourcing lead the list of ...
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Anthony RossiApr, 5 20245 min read

The Top 3 Myths About Switching Investment Technology Systems Debunked

The decision to transition to new investment technology can be daunting for many firms. ...
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Bryan HenniganMar, 21 20246 min read

4 Features of a Next-Generation Order Management System

How investment managers are using modern OMS technology to streamline workflows, reduce ...
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Matthew BrousseMar, 1 20247 min read

How to Start a Hedge Fund: 5 Steps for Setting Up for Long-term Success

Market changes put focus on operations. Will your hedge fund be ready? As last year wound ...
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AdminFeb, 26 20246 min read

How Hedge Funds Can Use Outsourcing to Boost Operations and Prepare for What’s Ahead

A recent survey by Hedgeweek reports that hedge fund outsourcing has yet to reach its ...
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