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AdminDec, 21 20236 min read

Leading the Teams That Drive a Customer-First Organization

In an industry where rapid change is the norm, what does it take to lead the teams dedicated to helping clients successfully navigate those changes?   

We sat down with Lindsay Thompson, SS&C’s head of client success and account management for Eze and Advent solutions in EMEA and APAC, to answer that question.

For over ten years, Lindsay has approached her work at the company with curiosity and dedication – to her work, her teams, and the clients she serves. This combination of qualities makes Lindsay a formidable leader. Over the past decade, she has worked with clients across three regions, built and grown diverse and successful teams, and advanced to the director-level role she now serves.   

Today, clients’ needs are evolving quickly, and the technology to meet those challenges is changing just as fast. In this latest leadership spotlight, learn how Lindsay stays ahead of these changes, how she creates client-first teams, and how she leads in alignment with her purpose.

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When Change is a Constant: Growing as a Leader in an Expanding Company 

In 2012, Lindsay started working at what was then Eze Software in Boston. Before long, she moved to New York City, working with Eze clients in product-focused roles that gave her insight into clients’ workflows, businesses, and how technology supports investment firm operations.   


Lindsay in front of the old Eze Software office in Boston. 

As the company grew, Lindsay became curious about bringing her experience to work in the London office. Although this may not have been the obvious next step for her, Lindsay worked diligently, expanding her network and demonstrating the value she brings to the organization – and what she would add to the London office.    

Ultimately, Lindsay prevailed, moving across the pond to build out the client success team for the EMEA region.   

The experience taught her a valuable lesson she shares freely with others. “Never be afraid to ask for what you want. Always know your value and what you have earned,” says Lindsay.    

She says that while the move to London was what she had worked for, those early days were challenging. In addition to adapting to a new culture, new clients, and new workflows, Eze was growing again, becoming part of the SS&C organization.   

“Going through this transition and all its challenges taught me important lessons I would not have learned if I hadn’t taken the chance. I experienced firsthand how vital resilience, empathy, and persistence are to creating success. These are the qualities I share with my teams to this day.” 

Leading Teams that Support a Client-First Organization  

Today, Lindsay oversees the revenue and client success teams for Eze and Advent technology users in the EMEA and APAC regions. These teams play a crucial role in supporting the company's customer-first philosophy 

To make sure her teams are up to the task, Lindsay creates a positive work environment and ensures her teams develop strong industry knowledge and an in-depth understanding of investment firms' operations.  

"Regulatory changes, evolving strategies, and shifting workflows create a fast-paced, changing environment," says Lindsay. "Our team is attuned to these changes and works to ensure our products remain aligned with our clients' evolving demands."    

Adding the umbrella of SS&C technologies to her team's toolkit opens up even more possibilities for firms.  

"We have worked closely with other SS&C divisions for a while, but we are now much more formally aligned, which has allowed us to combine the industry-leading expertise that existed in distinct brands and leverage it at scale. Today, combining Advent back-office technology and Eze front-office technology opens up more choices for our clients. Being a part of that broader SS&C organization endows us with an expansive repertoire of products that enable us to meet the dynamic demands of our clientele.” 

Learning from Each Other and the Industry at Large 

Creating an environment that honors diversity of thought and perspectives is vital to the teams Lindsay leads.  

"The most important job of a leader is to create an environment where people can work to their natural best and trust each other," says Lindsay. "Over the last seven years, my priority has been to foster an inclusive, diverse, collaborative, and innovative work environment."  

To create such an environment, Lindsay leads by example, learning from others and tapping into various perspectives and ideas.  

Lindsay encourages her teams to seek out the expertise of their peers across SS&C, including those in positions above them or people on other teams. But she adds that it's also important to widen your knowledge by seeking outside perspectives.  

"If you're only getting advice from one set of people within the company, you're not learning the whole story," says Lindsay. "To grow and learn, you need to tap into the knowledge of a diverse set of people." 

Living up to that vision, Lindsay received the Inspiring Women Scholarship award to pursue her Executive MBA at Imperial College in London. 

IMG_2786Lindsay and her husband on a safari in Kruger National Park in South Africa. 

Building Relationships to Expand Ideas and Understanding 

Lindsay firmly believes in the value of networking and encourages others – especially women – to expand their network inside and outside of their organization.    

"I am fortunate to work with some top hedge funds and asset management firms in both the EMEA and APAC regions," notes Lindsay. "I establish trusting relationships and partnerships with people at all levels of these firms."  

In addition, Lindsay is an active networker outside the company, devoting time to women-focused organizations, including 100 Women in Finance and Women in Asset Servicing. These groups host events where women can expand their knowledge, connect with their peers, and seek out potential mentors.   

"Our work is demanding, and it's not always easy to make time to establish these connections," admits Lindsay. "But women need a strong network. We need to empower and learn from each other so that we can advance to leadership positions. These types of connections help me and help the company."

Purpose Driven Leadership  

Lindsay believes that being an effective leader requires leading in a way that is aligned with her sense of purpose.  

"I recently took an executive leadership course at the Saïd Business School at Oxford University," says Lindsay. "In that course, what resonated with me was the idea that as a leader – or even just as a team member in a company – you need to understand your purpose and values and ensure that you are working for an employer with the same values."  

Research shows that purpose-driven leadership helps create a shared sense of direction, alignment, and commitment. Moreover, it has been shown to foster critical qualities for working in client success, including positive performance and persistence.  

Being a purpose-driven leader has Lindsay asking more complex but essential questions: Does my work align with my core values? How am I bettering myself, my team, our clients, and ultimately the world?  

"Someday, on my very last day of work, I want to feel proud about how my work reflected who I am and what I believe in. I want to know that I gave voice to my values, even when it wasn't easy. And by my example, I hope I showed others the power of working and leading with an aligned sense of purpose." 

IMG_4806Lindsay hiking in Split, Croatia. 


A Customer-First Approach to Service and Technology  

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