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Aug, 22 20222 min read

Eze Eclipse Continues to Thrive in Eurasia, Welcoming 50+ Clients On Board

SS&C Eze is pleased to announce that Eze Eclipse, the firm's cloud-based, front-to-back investment management platform, has surpassed 50 live clients across Eurasia. The solution, which has more than 200 live clients globally, helps investment managers streamline trading operations, optimize efficiency, and minimize total cost of ownership.

“We’ve seen rapid adoption since launch, having doubled our client base in APAC in the past year alone,” says Frank Maltais, Senior Director, APAC, at SS&C Eze. Much of Eze’s success in APAC and EMEA can be attributed to the firm’s deep understanding of clients’ technology, workflow, and business needs, which Eze has developed by working closely with fund managers as part of its signature partnership approach.

Maltais also attributes some of the firm’s growth to “Eze Eclipse’s status as a Tokyo Metropolitan Government qualified outsourcing provider, a Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) approved vendor under the Digital Acceleration Grant (DAG) program, and our ISO certifications, which exemplify our commitment to keeping clients’ data safe and confidential.”

As momentum grows stronger in the regions, Eclipse’s flexible, cloud-native microservices architecture and ongoing development allows it to continuously evolve to meet the needs of managers and the market and improve the workflows that matter most to clients. Recent enhancements include the fixed income order ticket, security master for credit instruments, and several mobile app trading enhancements.

In 2021, SS&C Eze also launched Eze Marketplace, which gives clients plug-and-play access to a rapidly growing menu of ready-to-enable solutions directly from SS&C and other trusted partners, including Portfolio Science, Aiera, and Lightkeeper.

In addition to leading the industry in delivering next-generation technology, SS&C Eze boasts the largest service team in the space, with 500+ dedicated professionals delivering a platinum level of expert, personalized support to all clients. And as an all-in-one partner for solutions and services, Eze also offers managed services to help clients manage essential, repeatable daily and monthly processes, freeing up time for managers to focus on alpha-generating activities and creating more value for their businesses. See how one APAC firm leveraged Eze Eclipse and Eze Managed Services to save 4-5 hours each day.

As SS&C Eze continues to serve the investment management community with unmatched products and services, it has earned recognition as best-in-class among industry competitors, bringing home the Best Cloud Technology Provider title at the 2022 HFM European Services Awards and Best Public Cloud Tech Provider at the 2021 HFM Asia Services Awards.