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AdminAug, 11 20222 min read

Providers with Outstanding Service Reputation Stand Out as Growing Number of Firms Look to Leverage Managed Services

SS&C Eze's Elizabeth Desino Discusses What Firms are Looking for in a Managed Service Provider

Recently, Elizabeth Desino, director of APAC Client Service at SS&C Eze, sat down with HFM Connect to discuss the growing number of firms leveraging managed services, what these firms should look for in a service provider, and what makes SS&C Eze’s solution stand out in this space.

With the industry facing a host of pressures, including limited resources, cost constraints, operational challenges, and heightened investor scrutiny, “managed services are one way [for firms] to extend their capacity and capabilities," Desino shares, noting that specific benefits include lower costs, streamlined operations, and increased efficiency.

For many firms, offboarding some of their operational work gives money managers a chance to “focus on the high-value activities that matter most to their businesses,” she shares.

Desino also outlines the key characteristics to look for from a managed service provider: “Flexibility is hugely important. Funds should look for a vendor offering a wide array of operational capabilities to augment their internal resources. They should also ensure this mix of services is adjustable to continue to meet their needs as their fund grows and business needs change. Technical and operational expertise and a reputation for quality, reliable service are also incredibly important.”

When asked what makes SS&C Eze a standout service provider, Desino shares that Eze has long been “recognized by the industry as well as local authorities ... for delivering on service and being a partner investment firms can trust.” She also notes that “SS&C Eze’s products and services are built with flexibility and scalability at the core of their design, enabling institutions to be more agile in adjusting to fluctuations in the industry and improving efficiencies so they can scale more quickly and easily.”

What sets Eze’s managed service offering apart, according to Desino, is that “unlike other third-party vendors, the Eze Managed Service team works directly within clients’ existing systems, acting as an extension of their firm.” She shares that this structure allows firms to retain control and visibility over operations, enhances data privacy and integrity, simplifies communications and vendor landscapes, and lowers TCO.

Of the team, Desino says, "our team is made up of highly specialized accounting and operations professionals with more than 120 collective years of industry experience and the operational expertise to support the most sophisticated and complex strategies and fund structures. Because our Managed Service teams operate within our platforms, they know the systems and are incredibly well-versed on the technology.”

To learn more and see how SS&C Eze continues to innovate to help fund managers increase efficiencies to solve the challenges they face and grow their firms, read the full interview, Managed Services Help Hedge Funds Enhance Efficiencies, Grow Firms.