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Rachel RauhMar, 7 20233 min read

The Latest & Greatest Eze Eclipse Enhancements

Check out some of our top enhancements from the past year and listen to our experts discuss their favorites.

With 2023 now in full swing, we wanted to reflect on some of our most impactful Eze Eclipse enhancements from 2022. Throughout the year, we continued to expand and invest in our industry-leading service organization and once again invested over $40M USD into research and development, rolling out weekly product releases with new features for Eze Eclipse.

We continue to look to our clients to build out the features they need most, as well as stay on top of current trends in the marketplace. Ensuring we provide the most modern investment technology stack the market has to offer, we’ve built out new features and enhancements to give you a more efficient and streamlined experience from front to back.

We’ve made strides in key product enhancement areas, including new Eze Marketplace tools, a better mobile experience, continued asset class expansion, and much more. Check out some of our top enhancements below:

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 Eze Marketplace

  • We added 8 new Eze Marketplace apps in 2022 and will continue to add more throughout this year. Since launching, we’ve integrated with 14 new partners.
  • New apps include new fixed-income trading networks, artificial intelligence & data analytics, TCA & best execution technology, FX trading, data aggregation & reporting, risk analytics, and more.
  • A new Marketplace Portal enables you to view current offerings without needing to leave your Eze Eclipse platform – gather information on apps and request demos directly from the portal.


  • Trading enhancements include a new style of grid that is available for the order Blotter, providing you with faster load times, especially when trading at high volumes.
  • The new Fixed Income Order Ticket allows you to record information about your bond orders – such as the accrued interest for the order – that can’t be captured in the New Order Ticket or other order entry methods.
  • We’ve added a new Swap checkbox to the Quick Order Entry form on your Blotter for equity orders allowing you to quickly add and route swap orders without having to leave the order Blotter.


  • New Eze app features let users add, edit, and cancel routes for a single order, edit and cancel single or multiple orders on the blotter, and view alert details for an order or route from within the Eze app.
  • We’ve added configurable swipe actions and improved our in-app Help Guide to make it even easier for first-time users to find the information and workflows they need.

 Security Master

  • The Eze Eclipse Security Master now offers robust support for fixed-income instruments and allows for detailed terms and condition definition across roughly 130 unique bond fields.
  • Security Master terms and conditions for bonds can be automatically enriched for users licensing Bloomberg, allowing accurate security definition and automated calculations via Eze Eclipse.


  • User-based compliance allows you to restrict certain users from performing certain pre-trade actions with a new UserName field to specify which users are not allowed to perform that action.
  •  We’ve added the ability to have compliance check through equity baskets and restrict trading a basket if a security is listed on a restricted list.
  • A new user role that restricts users from routing and managing electronic orders while still being able to access the order Blotter to perform other actions — such as adjusting allocations, commissions, and fees.


  • The all-new Time Series Reporting module allows you to slice and dice performance across virtually any time period, better understand historical performance, and easily view exposure levels throughout different time horizons.
  • A new Options Exercise grid lets you view detailed information about options exercises and expire activities — all while giving you more flexibility when filtering, grouping, and sorting option contracts.

And More to Come

This year, we're continuing to focus on key product development themes, including better tools across the front-to-back office, an enhanced mobile app to do more on the go, multi-asset class expansion, and continuing to build out Eze Marketplace by expanding our partner integrations.   

Check out these videos of Product Management’s favorite recent Eze Eclipse enhancements:

Time Series Reporting 

Fixed Income Security Master

Mobile App enhancements

For more information on these and other great enhancements, check out our Update Tours.


Learn how Eze Eclipse can help you Eclipse your competition, or contact us to see it in action. 

Learn how Eze Eclipse can help you Eclipse your competition.  Or contact us to see Eclipse in action. Learn More


Rachel Rauh

Rachel Rauh is a Director of Product Management on the Eze Eclipse product and oversees the Portfolio Management, Market Data, and Compliance product areas. Rachel joined the company in 2013 as an Analyst in the QA department before transitioning to Product Management in 2015. She graduated from Harvard University in 2011 with a degree in East Asian studies.