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Frank MatareseMar, 14 20234 min read

Enhancement Roundup – Eze Investment Suite

Check out some of our top enhancements from the past year and hear from our experts on their favorites. 

With 2023 in full swing, we wanted to reflect on some of our most impactful Eze Investment Suite enhancements from 2022. Throughout the year, we continued to expand and invest in our industry-leading service organization and once again invested over $40M USD into research and development, rolling out product releases with new features and enhancements every six weeks for Eze Investment Suite. 

We continue to look to our clients to build out the features they need most, as well as stay on top of trends we’re seeing in the marketplace. We’ve built out new features and enhancements to give you a more efficient and streamlined experience from front to back – ensuring our clients are leveraging the most modern investment technology stack the market has to offer.  

In 2022, we launched Eze Marketplace in Eze OMS, a fully embedded menu of apps across tools like risk, market intelligence, TCA, and more. We’ve also focused on providing superior front-office tools, continued digital asset integrations, multi-asset expansion, and much more. Check out some of our top enhancements below: 

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Digital Assets 

  • Integration with 3 new crypto liquidity partners, Cowen Digital, FalconX, and Coinbase 
  • Workflows that support Crypto securities and trades: security seeding, Eze EMS pre-trade compliance, and Eze EMS/OMS Auto Trade Sync. 
  • Other digital asset enhancements: configure hot buttons for crypto trades, receive streaming quotes for various cryptocurrencies, trade in fractional quantities, and leverage your Neutral Account for crypto trades. 


  • A focus on an evolving Automated Trading solution for greater flexibility and control that includes a new condition, so you know where your order stands, further OEMS integrations, and a new feature that reviews orders in Eze EMS and then sends them to Automated Trading for processing if they match one of your rules. 
  • A new FIX connectivity enhancement includes the ability to automatically accept locates from counterparties. 
  • We’ve upgraded to 64-bit Eze EMS, so you can now take advantage of more efficient resource usage and an improved user experience.


  • Several new repo enhancements, including an enhanced Trade Import, which allows you to import repo trades with different forward dates, automatically close expired repos in the Repo Deal Manager to better identify active repos, and view analytics data for open repos in your Analytics Grid. 
  • We’ve added the ability to use the Bloomberg Valuation (BVAL) pricing service to help with valuing your fixed income positions in Eze PMA.


  • We’ve added more functionality to the Eze Operations Portal with the brand-new Reconciliation Blotter. The blotter allows you to view your finalized trades, broker details, and broker matching details with clarity and confidence, all in one place.
  • We’ve introduced force matching to the Reconciliation Blotter. Now you can use the Force Match option to match internal (Eze OMS) and external (third-party sources) trade and broker values in Eze Operations Portal.

Eze Marketplace 

  • With a new Eze Marketplace workroom widget, you can seamlessly find and integrate tools directly from SS&C and other trusted partners without leaving Eze OMS.  
  • Unlock additional capabilities for risk management, market intelligence, data visualization, workflow control, analytics, and more. 
  • We added the ability to link the widget to the Eze OMS Trade Blotter and Analytics grids, which allows you to send OMS data to partner applications and view the data directly within your Eze OMS. 


  • A series of enhancements in Eze PMA, including setting the fee as a percentage of fixed or variable asset value, fee percentage per tiered fund value, and automatic fee accrual postings. 
  • New reports and report templates in Eze Investor Accounting include a new Management Fee Exclusion Report, a new Alternative template, and a Distribution Report. 
  • In Eze PMA, you can now download crypto securities, prices, and historic prices via your Bloomberg Data Feed. You can also trade and import the crypto securities in fractional amounts – and then view your crypto positions in the P&L, NAV, and Positions Reports. 

More to Come

This year, we're continuing to focus on key product development themes, including better tools across the front-to-back office, an enhanced mobile app to do more on the go, multi-asset class expansion, and continuing to build out Eze Marketplace by integrating with more partners who can deliver the tools clients need for an expanded investment ecosystem.  

To learn more, hear about some of Product Management’s favorite recent Eze Investment Suite enhancements in these videos: 

 For more on these and other great enhancements, check out our Update Tours.


Learn how Eze Investment Suite can help you get ahead, or contact us to see it in action. 

Learn how Eze Investment Suite can help you get ahead.  Or contact us to see it in action. Learn more.


Frank Matarese

Frank joined SS&C Eze in June 2019 and oversees R&D for Eze Investment Suite, including its flagship product, Eze OMS. In this role, he leads strategic planning and execution of the OMS product roadmap, covering portfolio modeling and analytics, trading and order management, compliance, and operations. Frank came to Eze with over 25 years of financial industry experience, including five years at State Street overseeing front, middle, and back-office products and building an Indicative NAV system. Prior to his work at State Street, Frank served as Director of Product Management at Charles River, responsible for building and launching their Alternative Trading System ‘CREX.’ In addition to his experience on the buy side, Frank has also spent time on the sell side with Lava Trading as the Vice President of OMS Product Management, OMX Group, and Instinet.