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AdminMay, 22 20235 min read

The People Make the Difference: SS&C Eze Teams Share What Makes Eze Special

What makes a committed and passionate workforce? Tenured employees share stories of their experiences at SS&C Eze. 

Over the past three years, as the world grappled with the impacts of the global pandemic, businesses and employees had to contend with unprecedented disruption.  

Today, research by Deloitte shows that this disruption changed how many employees engage with their organizations. According to Deloitte, employees today seek “greater and more meaningful collaboration and cocreation with their organization.”  

At SS&C Eze, we wanted to understand what has – and hasn’t – changed for our employees not just over the past three years but over the past nearly three decades. We surveyed close to 400 Eze employees with tenures of 5 to 25+ years to learn what initially drew them to the company and what keeps them excited as their careers grow alongside the organization.   

We found that, while much has changed, these employees have an enduring commitment to the organization and an unwavering passion for their work. 

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At SS&C Eze, the People Make the Difference 

“It’s the people.”  

That was the response we heard from Eze employees over and over. Employees repeatedly report that, regardless of office, geographic region, or job responsibility, working with Eze’s talented, caring, and dedicated teams makes SS&C Eze different.  

“Despite many transformational changes over its nearly 30-year history, the entrepreneurial spirit of the company and the adaptability of its tenured employees endures,” says Caitlin Sheehan, director of internal communications. “People truly care about each other, and through that, the work that they are doing. They want to make each other and this company proud.” 

Product manager Joe Cardello adds, “The people I work with have a major impact on my ability to contribute and my desire to meet – and exceed – expectations. Having the opportunity to work with intelligent, caring, and driven people has been paramount in my professional development.” 

Julie Chau, director, Product Management, concludes, “The talented and client-oriented people I work with have kept me here for 21 years. We truly do get to work with some of the brightest and most innovative people at Eze.”  

Client Relationships, Innovative Solutions, and the Evolving Investment Industry Enrich Employee Learning and Satisfaction  

It is not just the people inside the organization making a difference. Other factors like having the opportunity to learn and grow alongside our clients and working with innovative technology in an ever-evolving industry also contribute to employees' satisfaction. 

When he joined the company in 2007, Joe Sinkevich was looking for an opportunity to combine technology with complex client situations. He says, "Eze fit that description perfectly then and continues to do so now. My work includes a great hybrid of technical aspects while also being client-facing in a very fast-paced, interesting industry." Today, Joe has advanced to the role of senior director of Eclipse Client Service.   

Sven Benson, associate director, Product Engagement, says, "SS&C Eze offers the best training ground in the FinTech industry. There are endless opportunities to learn and grow with the company." 

Brajesh Gupta, director of Software Engineering, believes that while growth is important, so is maintaining the employee- and customer-centric values he experienced when he first started at Eze. He says, “I joined the Hyderabad office in 2017. At that time, there were hardly 30 people. Now we are close to 300, but the collaboration, respect, and customer-focused strategies are still a part of the organization.”

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Learning is critical in the fast-paced market in which the company works. "I'm constantly learning new product innovations and markets," says Simon Tse, director of APAC Sales Engineering. 

In addition to the knowledge they gain, the tenure of the company's client-facing employees also leads to lasting relationships with clients. 

"I have known some clients for over ten years, developing personal and professional relationships with them. I have also become an expert in many areas within our product and industry. This expertise makes me feel like a valuable resource for our clients," says Patrick Corbett, associate director of Client Success. 

Starting – and Growing – With the Company 

In 1995, SS&C Eze hired bright, enthusiastic people willing to learn, collaborate, and work hard. Over 25 years later, many of these people remain with the organization.  

"The moment you walked into the office, you'd feel the energy and the buzz," says Stan Koulalis, senior director of Product Specialists, who has been with Eze for 21 years.  

In those early days, there was a lot to do, and everyone needed to pitch in where they could. But as senior facilities engineer Eddie Ramos says, the team knew they were working toward something groundbreaking. "The work environment was very active, and relationships were close-knit. There was a real sense that the company was creating a product that would bring change to the financial services industry."  

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As the organization grew, that energy and vitality continued to permeate the Eze culture. 

"There were not more than 60-70 employees when I started at the newly formed Eze Hyderabad office," says senior software engineer Vinitha Srikakula. Our transformation in R&D and product ownership is incredible here, yet the culture remains the same." 

Shawn Williams, associate director of digital marketing, agrees. "When I joined Eze in 2017, it was a medium-sized company with proven stability. Yet it still had that startup vibe. " 

Since the start, employees have been encouraged to expand their knowledge and responsibilities.   

"One of the earliest pieces of advice I was given was to ask questions and try to learn as much as possible because I did not know where the next opportunity would come from or where you may need to help. That advice captured the moment – people working together to try and solve problems and push things forward. Today, we are a much more mature organization, but that spirit still holds," concludes Stan Koulalis.

Be a Part of Something Great 

Throughout our nearly 30-year history, we have found that, regardless of disruptions, when you give people an opportunity to learn, grow, and work with colleagues that care about one another, they remain dedicated to the organization and passionate about adding value to the products they develop and the clients they serve.   

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