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AdminSep, 20 20181 min read

How Apex Capital Grew Its Business With Tech

At Eze, we often talk about the importance of choosing a system that can grow with you. It’s one of our favorite topics, because in the 20 years we’ve been in the business, we’ve seen the transformative effect the right technology can have on fundraising, cost savings, and efficiency. One case in point: the growth story of our client Apex Capital.

Apex Capital was founded more than 20 years ago by a group of experienced investment professionals with the idea of catering to institutional investors in Brazil and abroad. At the outset, the firm sought out a vendor to help it with compliance. The decision to hire Eze, ultimately, came down to a combination of quality and low total cost of ownership. “We were a small firm back then, and we couldn’t afford to have a very expensive setup,” says Diney Vargas, Partner and COO.

Since then, Apex Capital has grown from managing USD200 million from Brazilian investors in 2013 to managing USD900 million from investors globally today. Vargas said the firm has been able to do so while largely keeping the infrastructure and operations team the same, with Eze Investment Suite acting as an extension of their operations. And he’s ready to go further—Apex Capital is now working on a series of projects related to increasing transparency, optimizing commission management, broker evaluation, best execution and information security.

“Nowadays, institutional investors are not only looking at the investment team; they are also looking at the infrastructure that you have in place. One of the benefits of the system is to help set us apart from the competition. As regulators increase their demands, the system really helps us meet those new requirements and regulations in a way that our competitors can’t,” Vargas says.