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Andrew BloniganMay, 7 20243 min read

Automation, Co-sourcing, and Partnerships in Eze Eclipse – How Much Can We Really Take Off Your Plate?

As regulations change, the settlement cycle shortens, and investor scrutiny and due diligence requirements consume more resources, the number of hours in a day has remained the same. This has led to a growing number of hedge funds seeking not just technological solutions but additional human support for mission-critical tasks.  

In this blog, I’ll lay out some of the ways SS&C Eze is helping users save precious hours every day through a combination of automation, co-sourcing, and strategic partnerships.  

In all three of these areas, Eze Eclipse has an advanced offering informed by our deep institutional knowledge and industry-leading investment in both our development and client service organizations. 

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Learn how you can put automation, co-sourcing, and partnerships to work for your firm: 


As hedge funds continue to look for ways to free up trader time to focus on high-impact tasks requiring expertise and focus, automating repetitive or routine tasks can offer a solution.  

Eclipse sets itself apart in this realm with its ease of use, well-documented feature set, and highly rated support team that enables a variety of seamless automated workflow options.  

Every day, Eclipse users automatically secure electronic locates from prime brokers, process corporate actions, and generate automated reports on position breaks, all without even needing to log into the system.  

During trading hours, users can rely on Eclipse to generate portfolio and PB allocations across funds and then send completed trades off to counterparties via secure file transfers as various global markets close.  

As month-end approaches, CFOs and controllers can rely on Eclipse’s accounting engine to automate a variety of fund expenses using scheduled accruals.  


With more and more hedge funds running leaner operations and fewer full-time employees on staff, they have been forced to look beyond technology to solve problems that require specific areas of expertise and discretion not offered by software alone.  

SS&C Eze’s managed services team acts as an extension of a fund’s operations team and can assist with a variety of daily, time-sensitive tasks, like triaging position breaks before the open, tying out a daily NAV against an administrator, or even assisting with matching trades as firms adjust to T+1 settlement.  

The offering is fully a la carte and can be scaled up or down as a firm’s needs evolve.


As hedge funds grow and strategies change, they often require new tools. However, finding, vetting, onboarding, integrating, and managing additional solution providers can necessitate a significant investment of resources, both in terms of human and financial capital. 

For all that SS&C is capable of, both from a software and service perspective, we’re also aware of where other providers may have specific expertise or products that could benefit our users.  

Through Eze Marketplace, we connect users with a variety of partners through secure integrations and a simplified onboarding and contracting process – think of an app store built for investment managers. While historically, moving data between tools has required complex and time-consuming integrations, our marketplace framework allows users to seamlessly bring on additional functionality directly in their Eclipse platform as their needs evolve.  

Among many other things, our current (and expanding) roster of Marketplace partners allows users to take advantage of best-in-class reporting and data warehousing solutions to analyze style factors and historical attribution, view quantitative risk metrics in Eclipse, and leverage artificial intelligence to review investments or transcribe and summarize earnings calls. 

Empowering Hedge Funds  

In summary, SS&C Eze’s holistic approach to automation, co-sourcing, and partnerships in Eze Eclipse offers buy-side firms efficient solutions to navigate dynamic markets and regulatory changes.  

Through automation, tasks are streamlined, saving time and enhancing confidence. Co-sourcing provides expertise and support for daily operations, while partnerships via Eze Marketplace connect users with specialized providers seamlessly.

Together, these strategies empower hedge funds to focus on generating returns while relying on SS&C’s software and services to handle the rest.   

Speak to an expert about how Eze Eclipse can help your firm streamline its operations to get ahead in changing markets. Contact us. 


Andrew Blonigan

Andrew Blonigan is an associate director of sales engineering at SS&C. In this role, he is responsible for running product demonstrations for Eze Investment Suite and Eze Eclipse. Andrew has worked with Eze technology for 10 years. Prior to moving to the sales team, Andrew was a senior solutions engineer, focused on the award-winning trading functionality in the Eze OEMS. Andrew holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Notre Dame.