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AdminOct, 20 20235 min read

Meet the SS&C Team Leading Service and Support for Eze Solutions Around the Globe

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employees’ median tenure with their current employer is just over four years. The numbers tell a different story for SS&C Technologies' Eze service leadership team, which has an average tenure of over 13 years.   

We recently interviewed five of these tenured leaders from around the globe who support a variety of SS&C's Eze solutions. We wanted to learn what keeps these leaders dedicated to their roles, their teams, and the clients they serve as technology – and the industry – continue to evolve at a rapid pace.  

In this blog post, we share the results of these discussions and highlight what motivates these leaders, how they navigate change, and why they are optimistic about what lies ahead for their teams and their clients.

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Client Success: Why We Do What We Do 

The service leaders we interviewed have worked in service roles for a long time, some for over a decade. What is it that keeps these leaders motivated and engaged over the long term?    

For Joe Sinkevich, Senior Director of Eclipse Client Service, it’s the ability to help the client businesses he works with succeed. Joe says, "Our software and services play an integral role in our clients' business. It is the lifeblood of a buy-side firm's operation. That level of importance creates great pride in knowing that our team and our role are central to our client's success. This role matters."    

Lindsay Thompson, an 11-year veteran of the service team supporting Eze solutions, concurs. As Head of EMEA Client Success, she oversees a team that works with a wide range of clients, each with a different business need or concern.     

Lindsay says, "The ability to help clients grow and expand their business with technology and services from SS&C is one of the most gratifying aspects of my job."    

Kathryn Mendes, Managing Director of Client Services, adds, "Our teams of intelligent and motivated individuals are passionate about finding creative solutions for our clients. This creativity and passion bring me to work each day." 

More Time for Things That Matter Most: How the Service Teams Help Clients  

So, what is it these teams do, and how does it impact the day-to-day of the clients they support?  

"We take a consultative approach to learn how our clients’ businesses can best use our offerings to keep their focus on generating alpha and running as efficiently as possible," says Joe.   

Lindsay adds that this work involves more than just understanding clients' business needs.  She says, "Once that technical foundation is formed, the service team can establish trusting relationships with our clients that ensure they are using the SS&C product suite to its fullest potential."    

According to John Camuso, Director of Eclipse Client Service, this knowledge of client needs and the industry landscape is especially significant for smaller clients with limited resources and personnel.  

"A major reason clients bring on Eclipse is to reduce their operational overhead and give them more time to focus on the things that matter – like making and executing their investment decisions," says John.  

These clients – many of whom are going through a technical implementation for the first time - lean on his team's expertise. He notes, "Our understanding of the complete life cycle of our investment managers' workflows is invaluable to all clients, especially those just starting out." 

Trusting Partnerships Produce Better Outcomes 

A central part of these Service Leaders’ roles is acting as a voice and advocate for clients within the organization, especially when it comes to the development of SS&C technology.  

In Hyderabad, India, Ravi Kumar Bonam, Director of Systems Solutions and Framework, finds job satisfaction in connecting client needs with the organization's development efforts.    

"It is satisfying to take feedback from a client and collaborate with the R&D and development teams on a solution. These suggestions often result in process betterment," says Ravi.  

Lindsay says the trust clients have in their service team is what makes this process possible. "Establishing strong, trusting relationships with our clients ensures we receive real-time, honest feedback on our products and services.” 

Thriving in an Ever-changing Environment 

The industry has changed dramatically throughout these leaders' time supporting Eze solutions, and our technology has evolved to keep pace. Cloud-based solutions, mobile apps, open APIs – all this technology has grown more than anyone thought possible a decade ago, and today, many investment firms couldn't operate without it.   

Keeping up with and embracing changes in technology, the industry, and the trends impacting client’s operations is a large part of these leaders’ work.   

In her twenty-year tenure working with Eze solutions, Kathryn has seen her fair share of change and uses it as an opportunity to grow. “Leading requires constant growth and evolution, so it is important always to be listening and evaluating, and then adjusting your actions as a leader to adapt to the current situation,” says Kathryn.     

In his 13 years of service, change has also been a constant for John. “Since I joined the team, Eclipse has grown in leaps and bounds in functionality and scope, and our team has also expanded to manage those changes,” he says. “Back then, we worked with just a handful of clients. Today, over 70 people support more than 250 live clients on our platform.”   

Joe agrees, noting that change has been a common theme throughout his 16 years with the organization. He says, “No two days are the same, so there is an opportunity to learn something new daily. I continue to be challenged in my role, and those challenges lead to new opportunities.” 

Optimism for the Future 

When talking to these leaders, it is clear they are optimistic about the future of the industry and our clients' businesses.   

Part of that future requires preparing the next group of service leaders. "I have supported the career progression of more than 12 associates," says Ravi. "Mentoring individuals to succeed in their roles is critical to my job, and I take pride in that work."  

In addition, these leaders are ready to help clients with whatever challenges they may face. "Whether the challenge is finding a solution to a business issue or maintaining working relationships throughout periods of change, we continue to deliver the high level of service and support our clients expect from us, today and in the future," concludes Kathryn. 

Getting the Service You Deserve 

At SS&C, we understand the demanding nature of your work and the urgency of issue resolution. With our signature partnership approach, every client receives a personalized experience and fast, knowledgeable service. 

Our teams know you, your business, and your workflows. And, with 500 globally dispersed support and service experts, there is always someone available to advise you on best practices, ensure your business processes are optimized, or help you quickly navigate roadblocks. 

Experience the difference fast and knowledgeable service can make. Hear from our clients about why they trust SS&C Eze to be their partner in success.