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Thought Leadership / June 9, 2017

Putting ARMs Around MiFID II Transaction Reporting

By Adam De Rose — Eze Software has established relationships with Approved Reporting Mechanisms UnaVista, Trax and Abide to help investment managers tackle MiFID II transaction reporting requirements.

Thought Leadership / May 19, 2017

Return on Technology Spending: Can It Be Measured?

By Jeff Shoreman — How do you measure operational alpha? Eze Software sat down with Paul Rowady, director of research for Alphacution Research Conservatory, about measuring Return on Technology, and why investment managers should take the metric into account.

Thought Leadership / May 10, 2017

Expert Matters: Why We Hire Fund Accountants

By Jeff Shoreman — Welcome back! If you’ve been following us closely, you might have seen a bit of buzz around Eze Portfolio Accounting lately.

Product Development / May 2, 2017

Q1 Product Wrap: What’s New In Eze Investment Suite?

By Bill Neuman — In Q1, Eze Software introduced new features in Trade Execution & Analytics, Order Management, and Portfolio Accounting. 

Thought Leadership / April 12, 2017

Operational Alpha: How to Pull Like an Ox While Looking Like a Racehorse

By Jeff Shoreman — Optimizing operations with technology can help asset managers derive extra value from their businesses -- and compete better in an environment where investment alpha alone may not be enough. 

Thought Leadership / April 6, 2017

MiFID II Update: Where Are We Now?

By Adam De Rose — Welcome back. Things have certainly been busy for us this year on the MiFID II front, as we race to put clients in the best position to prepare for the looming Jan. 3, 2018 compliance date. The FCA last week published its near-final MiFID II rules, and the industry is firing away on all engines.

Thought Leadership / March 31, 2017

Case Study: How Optimized Operations Boosted TIG’s Business

By Michael Hutner — Welcome back. Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about demonstrating what a difference an optimized back office can make to a hedge fund’s bottom line. While it’s often difficult to generalize about hard numbers, we know emerging managers and smaller firms in particular can benefit from streamlining workflows, centralizing data flows, and eliminating repetitive manual processes in reporting, accounting and compliance. 

Culture / March 22, 2017

Women In FinTech: Eze’s Network Tackles Professional Growth

By Jenny Kim DeSmyter — The time has come to talk about advancement of women in the financial services and fintech.

Culture / March 17, 2017

A Culture of Innovation

By James Smith — Welcome back! If you’re just joining us, we’ve been talking a lot about growth lately. Growth is one of our guiding principles – we strive to grow as a company and a platform in order to enable our clients to grow their business. One way we do that is by fostering a culture of innovation, challenging employees to stretch their imaginations and capabilities in a variety of ways.

Thought Leadership / March 8, 2017

MiFID Reloaded: Using Advanced Analytics to Support Best Execution

By Adam De Rose — Can you really read market signals like Keanu read The Matrix? In today's market, you might need some help.