Jeff Shoreman

Thought Leadership / April 12, 2017

Operational Alpha: How to Pull Like an Ox While Looking Like a Racehorse

By Jeff Shoreman — Optimizing operations with technology can help asset managers derive extra value from their businesses -- and compete better in an environment where investment alpha alone may not be enough. 

Thought Leadership / February 9, 2017

Case Study: How Pax World Adopted Eze OMS To Streamline Workflows (Video)

By Jeff Shoreman — Joe Keefe and Brian Fruh of Pax World Investments discuss how using Eze OMS helped optimize their investment process in this Eze Software Group video.

Thought Leadership / January 25, 2017

The Big Balancing Act: Integration and Hedge Funds in 2017

By Jeff Shoreman — Now more than ever, hedge funds and other investment management firms are looking for ways to streamline their operations setups – while at the same time trying to boost their systems' effectiveness and scope.

Thought Leadership / January 18, 2017

Aite: EMS/OMS Integration Has Arrived

By Jeff Shoreman — Eze Software recently tapped leading technology consultancy Aite Group to examine the market of execution and order management systems. The results, published in a white paper "New Plateaus for OMS/EMS Integration," indicate that usage trends are moving in favor of system convergence: "OMS/EMS integration will likely become the benchmark, not the exception." 

Thought Leadership / January 4, 2017

Trends In Investment Management We’re Watching In 2017

By Jeff Shoreman — Eze Software's Jeff Shoreman reflects on the trends that will drive big changes in the investment management landscape in 2017, and how financial technology will influence the outcome.

Thought Leadership / December 21, 2016

2016: A Year of Challenge & Opportunity

By Jeff Shoreman — Welcome back! As we wind down 2016, we thought it would be a good time for some reflection. This has certainly been an interesting year, for the markets and the world. It’s been a challenging year for the industry, but also one where markets rallied, and innovation blossomed. Here at Eze, we saw a number of great successes in product development and business growth.

Thought Leadership / December 14, 2016

Optimizing Service: The Eze Model

By Jeff Shoreman — Eze Software's Jeff Shoreman discusses Eze's service model and how it's changing to deliver a better straight-through-processing experience for investment managers. 

Thought Leadership / December 7, 2016

Building Quality: Agile Development from the Ground Up

By Jeff Shoreman — As the markets get more complex, software providers increasingly need to deliver solutions quickly, efficiently, and flexibly. This is how Eze Software incorporates Agile into its development philosophy. 

Thought Leadership / November 30, 2016

Why Data Management Is Central to Investment Management Success

By Jeff Shoreman — Investment managers are increasingly looking to improve how their systems handle data management. Here’s why.

Thought Leadership / November 9, 2016

Fee Management: The Quest for Transparency

By Jeff Shoreman — Hedge fund and 40 Act institutional investors are expecting higher levels of transparency around fund fees than ever before. To deliver, investment managers must consider technology solutions that would fulfill needs such as commission management, research budgeting and voting under MiFID II, as well as centralization of data functions such as shareholder and limited partner reporting. Eze Software's Jeff Shoreman explains.