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MiFID II Flags
"Eze Investment Suite workflow tools capture the required data points at the instrument, transaction, client and counterparty level and can interface with ARMs to export the data they need to help our clients facilitate compliance with MiFID II."
Adam De Rose
Associate Director, Eze Software
Data points for transaction reporting
Data points for trade reporting

Transaction Reporting

Eze interfaces with ARMs to help you meet your reporting needs, including UnaVista, TRAX, and NEX by Abide Financial

The MiFID II Transaction Reporting framework requires investment firms to report T+1 to National Competent Authorities (NCAs), providing details on 65 required data points, the investment decision makers, relevant FIX tags and instrument data, as well as capturing data from manual fills. Interfacing with Approved Reporting Mechanisms will be the solitary mode of reporting.

Trade Reporting

Eze reports all required data in real-time to APAs including TRAX

MiFID II Trade Reporting requires firms to report off-venue trades in European instruments. 18 distinct fields must be delivered to NCAs via Approved Publication Arrangements (APAs) in real-time. The data required includes LEIs, Execution Venue, transaction time and transparency flags.

Best Execution

Eze has the solutions to help you achieve Best Execution, including partnerships with OTAS Technologies and Trade Informatics

Under MiFID II Best Execution measures, firms must demonstrate they have taken all necessary steps to achieve best execution on a consistent basis. Policy and process is key, and should be underpinned by meaningful analytics and insightful reporting.

Commission Management

Eze Commission Management has the tools to meet your unbundling and research tracking needs

MiFID II Inducement Regulations require asset managers to unbundle commissions and prove explicit payment for research. Firms must provide transparency into CSA & RPA pools.

Key Benefits

Navigating MiFID II

Our infographic walks you through the primary points of consideration in determining the impact of MiFID II on your firm
Navigating MiFID II