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Eze Software Bolsters Currency Hedging Risk Management With WISERISK

WISERISK Toolkit Boosts Eze’s FX Offerings With Actionable Risk Recommendations

BOSTON, Dec. 14, 2017 -- Eze Software, a global leading provider of investment technology, has partnered with Wise Trading Technologies to enhance its currency offering. With WISERISK, Eze OMS users will get more automation, visibility and precision in managing currency risk in real-time. WISERISK enables users to eliminate fragmented spreadsheets and mitigate laborious, error-prone manual processes. To complement the rich functionality of Eze Investment Suite, Eze Software partners with an extensive network of specialist providers to address the complex technology needs of investment managers.

Wise Trading Technologies specializes in tools to help asset managers automate and optimize many of the tasks associated with managing currency risk. Timing, netting, and broker selection are optimized, taking into account client preferences and constraints, and providing an audit trail related to currency exposure.

“FX risk management is critical to many of our global clients, so we’re excited to partner with a leading specialist in this space,” said Robert Keller, CFA, Executive Managing Director of Strategy at Eze Software. “WISERISK will help enable our clients to cost-effectively manage currency exposure and subsequent risk. Additionally, the audit capabilities of WISERISK help satisfy the ever-increasing need for enhanced compliance coming from both regulators and investors.”

“We’re excited for this opportunity to partner with Eze Software to enhance their industry leading OMS with our innovations in the area of FX exposure and hedging,” said Rohanna Wise, CEO & Founder of Wise Trading Technologies. “The WISERISK solution will enable Eze clients to quickly and easily set their own parameters, receive insights into their current exposure status, and receive appropriate order and broker recommendations.”

About Eze Software

Eze Software is a global leading provider of investment management software solutions designed to optimize operational and investment alpha throughout the entire investment process. Eze Software provides the platform for growth for the entire investment management community, maximizing efficiencies across order management, trade execution & analytics, portfolio analytics & modeling, compliance & regulatory reporting, commission management, and portfolio & investor accounting. For more than 20 years Boston-based Eze Software has been driving innovation in financial technology. Today, Eze Software partners with more than 2,500 buy- and sell-side institutions in 45 countries from their 15 offices worldwide. For more information, visit

About Wise Trading Technologies

Wise Trading Technologies (WTT) is a Boston-based financial software company creating tools to reduce operational risk for asset managers globally. WISERISK is a SaaS-based currency risk management platform, which allows our customers to manage their currency exposure with precision. The competitively priced solution automates hedging strategies and includes an advanced netting algorithm, which aims to allow managers to put fewer trades to market, minimizing transaction costs.