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How Eze Software's Use of Agile Earned Us A BST Award

For the last two year's, distinguished investment technology trade publication Buy-Side Technology has assessed how firms use Agile in their development process. This year, Eze Software won a distinction for the "Best Use of Agile Methodology" in its development and business processes.

"There was a time when software developers looked to Agile as an alternative to the waterfall development methodology, which, for many capital markets projects tended to be too long-winded and exposed them unnecessarily to scope-creep, missed deadlines and inflated budgets," writes editor-in-chief Victor Anderson. "Now, Agile is the norm—the only way to continually drip-feed new functionality to end-users—for most firms and third-party technology vendors serving them."

We couldn't agree more. Read all about how our Agile process informs our product development and operations.