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Jan, 15 2019< 1 min read

Eze Eclipse Named Best New Trading Tech

Eze Eclipse Named Best New Trading Tech

Eze Eclipse has been named Best Trading Technology (Trading & Risk) in Waters’ American Financial Technology awards. The preeminent publication in the industry recognized SS&C Eze for delivering a truly comprehensive, born-in-the-cloud front-to-back office platform for start-up and emerging hedge funds, through a single web browser interface.

“Designed with a holistic approach in mind and aimed at minimizing total cost of ownership, the platform can be configured and customized to fit clients’ needs at various stages in their growth,” writes Waters’ Josephine Gallagher. The magazine also noted the IBOR capabilities, strong pre- and post-trade compliance, risk monitoring and transaction management among other appealing Eze Eclipse features.

Read the full Waters article here.

Last, Waters noted SS&C Eze’s Agile efforts to develop Eze Eclipse - putting clients’ needs front and center.

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