Customer Spotlight / February 10, 2017

TIG Advisors: Benefits Of Eze Investment Suite

Take a look at how TIG Advisors leverages Eze Investment Suite for an integrated accounting solution.

In The News / December 27, 2016

Meeder Implements Eze Investment Suite

Meeder Investment Management wanted a centralized, seamless workflow management process to handle the needs of its diverse strategies. Here’s how Eze Investment Suite is helping achieve this goal.

Customer Spotlight / November 28, 2016

Pax World Grows With Eze OMS: See The Story

Watch Pax World Investments’ story, and find out how Eze OMS has helped this SRI firm optimize its investment workflows.

Industry Insight / November 7, 2016

Building a Scalable ETF Platform

As the market gets more complex and sophisticated, mutual fund operations officers tasked with helping firms set up an ETF business need to build stronger infrastructures to support a scalable operation.

In The News / October 6, 2016

MiFID II: From Bane To Opportunity

Adam De Rose sounds off on the challenges of MiFID II -- and the opportunities for industry transformation that are emerging.

Industry Insight / September 28, 2016

MiFID II Primer: Eze Software’s Adam De Rose On What You Should Know

Is MiFID II coming into your orbit? EzeSoft’s Adam De Rose recently participated in a virtual roundtable on the subject. Check out our primer!