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AdminSep, 15 20233 min read

SS&C Deliver: Take Your Business to the Next Level

This October, executives and leaders from across the financial services industry will gather in Austin, Texas for the annual SS&C Deliver Conference 

At this two-day event, attendees will experience the latest innovations in financial technology and have the chance to network, learn, and celebrate alongside other leaders in the industry.  

At the heart of the event are interactive sessions that include engaging keynote presentations, hands-on learning opportunities, and discussions on timely financial services topics.


Here's what attendees won’t want to miss:  

Balancing Operations: Maximize Alpha, Minimize Risk 

Maximize alpha, minimize risk—sounds straightforward, right? Not exactly. How can technology and services help you achieve operational alpha across the front, middle and back office while also decreasing risk?  

Join Eze and Advent for a conversation on how to identify the areas of your business where you can maximize operational efficiencies to help you generate investment opportunities. 

SS&C Eze Product Labs  

Do you want a deeper dive into Eze Investment Suite, OMS, or Eclipse? Throughout the conference, SS&C Eze experts are available to walk you through anything from general product capability to the latest releases and tips and tricks for improving your workflows. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to learn more about SS&C Eze products or are a seasoned Eze client – we look forward to meeting one-on-one with you! 

Cesars Palace Coup: How a Billionaire Brawl Over the Casino Exposed Wall Street Power and Greed  

“From the Vegas Strip to Wall Street boardrooms, Chicago courthouses, and the halls of Congress, modern corporate titans collide in this explosive true story of how private equity firm Apollo Global Management’s thirty-billion-dollar buyout of Caesars Entertainment turned into unprecedented bankruptcy of the gaming empire.”  

Join us for a conversation with Sujeet Indap, Wall Street editor for the Financial Times, about his book Caesars Palace Coup: How a Billionaire Brawl Over the Casino Exposed Wall Street Power and Greed. 

Silicon Valley Bank: What’s Next?  

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank sent shockwaves across Wall Street. What seems like a classic run on the bank gets more complicated the more you dig into the situation surrounding its demise.  

To pull back the curtain and understand what happened and what it means for the future of alternative investors, join our discussion. 

Investing in Loans: Time to End the Paper Chase  

With volatile equity markets and rising interest rates, investors are turning to syndicated and private loans for predictable and potentially higher yields.  

Yet, for all its sophistication, the loan marketplace is still largely mired in paper-based, manual processes.  

Join Nick Nolan and Kevin Tynan to hear how investment firms diversifying into this sector are encountering significant operational and accounting challenges. Loans are arguably the most complex asset class to account for, but operational barriers shouldn’t stand in the way of opportunities in this growing market. 

Where’s the Growth in Asset & Wealth Management 

Join us for an interactive session with leading industry subject matter experts discussing how changing demands and needs of financial advisors are driving a diverse mix of investment operations including mutual funds, ETFs, SMAs, model portfolios and alternatives. 

In addition to these informative sessions, Deliver will include a solution showcase bringing together leading vendor partners from across the industry to share how they can help enhance your operations. 

Join us!  

Don’t miss this opportunity to reconnect with your financial services peers, learn how technology and innovation can take your firm to the next level, and catch up on all the latest industry insights.