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AdminAug, 21 20192 min read

Eze OMS: Building For the Future

This summer, SS&C Eze was named Best Buy-Side OMS Provider in Waters Rankings for the ninth time in the past decade. Frank Orzechowski, Managing Director of Product Management at SS&C Eze, spoke with Waters Technology’s Anthony Malakian about what makes Eze OMS unique, how it addresses key industry challenges, and what’s ahead. To learn more, view the video below:


Some excerpts from the video:

On Collaboration with Clients

“We’re grateful for users who engage with us, not just in voting, but on an everyday basis. When it comes to what product we build, we’re only as good as our users are with sharing their insights into their businesses and into their challenges. They’ve been quite open with that, and that’s led to a much better product.”

On Key Industry Challenges

“We continue to see demands for investor transparency, increased regulation on both sides of the Atlantic and on the other side of the Pacific, and we see an increased need for differentiation in the asset management space. All of that for us means a dynamic roadmap.”

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On Eze OMS Roadmap

“A big part of differentiation is the increased number of SMAs across all different types of asset managers. We’ve continued to refine those workflows, many of them rules-based, and create faster workflows, to allow our customers to add any number of SMAs as seamlessly and with as much operational efficiency as they had before they grew.”

“We are going to continue to have a rules-based approach [to automation]. We found overtime that anyone who really gets the maximum operational efficiency out of a system creates rules that are specific to them that mean you don’t have to click on a screen – you can just keep going through your workflow and have the process running in the background. In the past, that was customization – these days, we are continuing to invest in rules-based frameworks so that’s something the user has in his or her hands to go and handle themselves.”

On Agile Development

“It’s increasingly important for us to think about not just what we deliver, but how and when we deliver it. A big part of that has been the institutionalization of our Agile incremental six-week high-quality release process that we’ve been fine-tuning for the past couple of years. We have more clients on the head version of the OMS than ever before. We have a definitive majority of our clients using cloud deployment technologies at this point. That means we have customers on a head version taking advantage of all the features we are pushing out regularly and able to keep up with all of those capabilities.”   

To read more about SS&C Eze’s drive to automate the investment process, read Jeffrey Shoreman’s interview with Waters.