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Admin Feb, 9 2017 1 min read

Case Study: How Pax World Adopted Eze OMS To Streamline Workflows (Video)


WARNING: There are no cute cats, crazy stunts, or celebrity punking in the following video. But for me, it's about as satisfying as it gets – because it validates all the hard work we do here at Eze to let our clients focus on what they do best.

In this case, that's sustainable investing.

Pax World

Last November we visited Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the home of Pax World Investments. Founded in 1971 by United Methodist ministers, Pax now has over $4 billion in assets under management and is a world leader in sustainable investment. The firm constructs portfolios of companies with strong environmental, social and governance profiles, using rigorous financial and sustainability analyses.

Our goal was to find out how their day-to-day business has changed following implementation of Eze's Order Management System.

After you've watched the 4-minute video below, I'll highlight a few of the main points on how using an OMS has helped Pax optimize operations.


Switching to the Eze OMS

Brian Fruh, V.P. of Information Technology, spearheaded Pax's technology outsourcing. When the firm decided to look for a provider, these were the criteria they had in mind:

  • Support that the OMS provider can provide;
  • Redundancy of the system;
  • Security of the system, combined with ease of access;
  • Accuracy of information;
  • Ease of use on the part of the portfolio management team and the traders; and
  • The ability to integrate with legacy systems.

Eze: A Reliable System – and a True Partner

Ultimately, Pax chose Eze OMS to streamline operations. "It's freed up the traders so that they can trust the system. And it's allowed the portfolio managers to better analyze their portfolio holdings and make decisions on the direction of the market or their individual portfolio," Fruh said. He also underscored the importance of having the Eze team available to provide daily support — something we strongly believe in as well.

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