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AdminOct, 5 20172 min read

Back to School, Eze-Style

Fall is officially in the air, the interns have gone back to school, and that can only mean one thing: CFA exams will soon be upon us. For Eze, this means kicking off our Annual Certification Program enrollment.

Since inception, Eze Software has put a lot of value in learning. Many of our team members started their careers at Eze as co-ops, and worked their way up through the ranks to their current positions in development, client services and project management. To help them along the way, Eze has sponsored some 1,031 certifications across disciplines since the program’s start in 2014.

This year, we’re delighted to be sponsoring 362 staffers for certification, and are kicking off the application process for 2018.

Which certifications are Eze employees pursuing?

The CFA remains a popular choice. The CFA Investment Institute’s Foundations exam (previously Claritas) has been the top exam attempted by Eze employees since 2014. This year alone, 89 staffers have registered for it through the Eze certification program, with 15 taking the exam and passing. The CFA Level I is another popular choice. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve had 133 applicants hoping to pursue some level of CFA certification within the program. Client service associates are most likely to apply, using the certifications to supplement their knowledge as they help clients navigate complex financial transactions.

Our product development associates aren’t far behind. In the last year, we’ve seen a sharp increase in Project Management Professional applications, with applications for Scrum Master certification appearing for the first time. We’ve sponsored 10 applications this year alone, including six sponsorships for the Scrum Product Owner certification. We are delighted to see so many of our project management associates taking the Agile methodology at the core of Eze development to the next level!

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So what does sponsorship mean?

It means that Eze will pay for training, exam and any required materials. No questions asked, no passing grade required. We believe in enabling our employees to broaden their horizons without asking them to overextend themselves financially. All you have to do is apply, provide the receipt and get reimbursed.

Generous? We think so. But we also think it’s a great investment. Eze has deliberately pursued one of the most liberal training reimbursement policies in the industry, because we really believe it opens up the possibility for employees to consider extending their knowledge without being limited by financial considerations. We believe it’s a great tool for helping folks grow, whether they’ve been here for years, or just two days.

How do we know it works?

Folks that have pursued the certifications are still here, learning, contributing, and applying for certifications in ever newer fields. Our experts can boast skills ranging from software, to finance, to even accounting – skills they’ve integrated into their work for creating and supporting the best investment technology in the space. Coupled with extensive internal training and mentorship programs, the Eze Certification Program reinforces our commitment to ensuring our employees can continue to grow with us.

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