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Shawn Kenyon

For over 18 years, Shawn Kenyon has led development and strategy for award-winning technology for the financial services sector. Currently, Shawn serves as head of cloud product strategy at SS&C Eze. In this role, he oversees strategy for the cloud technology powering solutions and driving innovation across SS&C products, including Eze Eclipse, the firm's cloud-native investment management solution, and Eze Marketplace, an app-store experience giving clients access to an ecosystem of buy-side solutions. Before joining SS&C Eze, Shawn led the EMS, FX, and core technology teams at Charles River Development, driving the build-out of a range of solutions, including execution management, regulatory reporting, FX, and commission management. Shawn also managed the development of Portware’s FX Shawn holds an associate degree in electrical engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology and a bachelor's degree in computer science from NYU. Shawn also attended NYU’s master's program in technical communications.