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RealTick EMS 11.3 brings improved trading and more streamlined execution functionality

Eze Software Group, a premier provider of global investment technology, today announced a new release of RealTick® EMS, its award-winning multi-broker, cross-asset electronic execution platform. Version 11.3 provides enhanced execution management workflow and new trade performance capabilities, enriching the overall trading experience.

RealTick EMS 11.3 delivers an advanced feature set that enables quicker, more flexible workflows, delivered through its existing SaaS offering. New features introduced for futures and options spreads provide users with even more control of their orders. Enhanced spreads trading, combined with a configurable front-end, further automates workflows so they can take advantage of hedge opportunities quickly and more efficiently. Users also have the ability to combine futures legs to create exchange-supported calendar spreads.

In this new version, searching for historical trades is made easier with the Order Search window, where users can search firm-wide orders from a centralized location. An intuitive interface allows users to search by date range, symbol, exchange route, and other trade criteria. Additional enhancements include improved alerts, enabling users to receive order fill notifications on-the-go via email and text, as well as the introduction of QuoteBoard, which allows users to enter orders and view real-time quotes for equities, options, and futures in one dynamic location.

With this release Eze Software has also enhanced RealTick UltraLite 3.2, the mobile solution for RealTick users. UltraLite now streams market data for securities on blotters, watchlists, and in the Trade window. The Level-2 market depth window now also streams market data to drive more effective trading from a user’s mobile device.

“This new release supports Eze Software Group’s commitment to deliver robust, flexible, and innovative technology,” said Dan Rooney, Senior Managing Director for Eze Software Group. “The release adds a number of important functional enhancements to the entire investment workflow. RealTick’s 11.3 enhancements were designed to further streamline the investment process to continuously build integrated, efficient workflows configured for a client’s unique needs. This release is driven by what our clients and prospects require in order for them to make efficient investment decisions.”

Eze Software Group’s RealTick EMS is an award-winning, global execution platform providing comprehensive trading, data, and risk solutions. RealTick EMS features advanced multi-broker, global cross-asset execution capabilities with access to a network of more than 200 brokers worldwide. Its unsurpassed flexibility, world-class client service, and fully configurable and intuitively integrated software have earned multiple industry awards and accolades over the course of more than 25 years of industry-leading innovation.