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Continued drive to enhance investment workflows brings record sales

Eze Software Group, a premier provider of global investment technology, has completed a series of enhancements to its award-winning portfolio accounting and reporting system, Tradar PMS, improving asset class coverage across instruments and regions. The latest additions are part of Eze Software’s drive to streamline investment managers’ workflows and increase operational efficiency through tighter integration between Eze Software applications. The continued investment in Tradar PMS has been well-received by the market. Sales increased nearly 40% in 2014 over 2013, and the PMS client base is larger than ever.

Eze Software has significantly enhanced support for trading FX non-deliverable forwards (NDFs) with improved trade workflows, support for the new 2014 ISDA price curves, and enhanced FX and NDF detail in reports. The enhancements enable clients to more easily hedge exposure to restricted currencies, such as the Brazilian real. Other notable improvements include support for localized business days and enhanced country-specific tax handling.

Eze Software also improved and updated post-trade processes for over-the-counter trades, particularly equity swaps, CDSs and more complex types of swaps. Trade posting, accruals, and calculations functionality all saw improvements in the last 12 months, with further development ongoing. These improvements allow asset managers to handle their middle- and back-office operations with less manual processing, reducing the room for error. Already, 100 clients are on a version that would allow them to take advantage of these enhancements.

Finally, as part of a continuing initiative, the system now offers deeper integration with Eze OMS, including an API connection, creating a seamless workflow between the two systems. The integration points now include a trade workflow, security auto-creation and end-of-day position synchronization, with further enhancements to come in 2015.

“Tradar PMS now offers improved functionality to those trading in both developed and emerging markets, and enables our clients to be even more flexible in their investing strategies than ever before. This, along with our enhanced integration with the Eze OMS, proves our continued commitment to partnering with our clients, and meeting their ever-changing and developing needs in today’s fast-paced investment environment,” said Rob Agne, Director, Head of Product Management.