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Video: Justin Sycamore on Hedge Fund Industry Disruptions, from Regulation to Technology Adaptation

An amalgamation of economic, political, technological and regulatory factors is forcing investment managers in EMEA and worldwide to reassess the way in which they deal with issues outside of their immediate control.

From high market volatility to a potential trade war with China, cyber security to cloud technology, fund managers have a great deal to contend with. Arguably, the most impactful disruptive factor to the hedge fund industry in recent times is the massive change in regulation. Constricted time frames and uncertainty in the interpretation of MiFID II have left fund managers feeling under pressure to ensure they are operating in a way that regulators would expect.

At this year’s GAIM conference in London, Eze Software’s Director of Sales, EMEA, Justin Sycamore, discussed in detail how these macroenvironmental factors are disrupting the hedge fund space, how fund managers are dealing with the subsequent pressures, and the importance of having a flexible investment management system in place.

Watch the video, courtesy of KNect365, below: