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May, 7 20191 min read

Video: Justin Sycamore On Asset Managers’ Shifting Tech Approach

Video: Justin Sycamore On Asset Managers’ Shifting Tech Approach

MiFID II shook up the investment management space in EMEA and abroad, demanding a much tighter focus on technology. Now that things have settled a bit, Justin Sycamore, SS&C Eze’s director of Sales, EMEA, spoke to Fintech TV at TradeTech 2019 about the recent changes, and where the industry is going. Here are the outtakes:

How has the industry changed in 2019?

“During the MiFID II period, there were a lot of tactical decisions asset managers had to make to get themselves compliant on time. Now, in 2019, we’re seeing a bit more of a strategic view of the systems that are being used at these firms front-to-back. Managers are reviewing them to try to optimize those systems to effectively increase alpha within the firms.”

What will we see in the future?

“You’re going to see a far tighter integration between the different types of technology that an asset manager will use. It’s no longer about buying an order management system – it’s about looking at how the order management component of your system fits in with your data management, your shadow NAV, with your performance, with your risk systems and how those come together. Different managers will have different requirements, so I think there’s a shift from buying components of technology to looking at the overall architecture that a particular asset manager is using and how those components fit into that architecture.”

See the full video below: