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May, 22 20191 min read

Video: Industry Trends & Development at SS&C Eze

Video: Industry Trends & Development at SS&C Eze

The investment management space has experienced several transformative trends over the last few years, prompting greater demand for technology. SS&C Eze has been at the forefront of these developments, seeking to deliver solutions to optimize investment managers’ operations. Adam De Rose, director of sales engineering in EMEA, recently sat down with The Trade to talk about how the company is growing in response to recent developments. Here are the outtakes:

On Trade Automation:

“We’re seeing a trend toward increased automation, which is on everyone’s agenda this year. We’ve just released our Eze EMS Algo Wheel, and we’re looking forward to improvements on rules-based order routing both in the EMS and OMS. We’re rolling out tighter integration between our products. On the EMS and OMS side, we’re continuing to increase the depth of that integration, opening up new workflows that traders can operate within the EMS and have the full protection of the OMS compliance and allocation engine.”

On Joining SS&C Technologies:

“We’re very excited to put together our award-winning technology with SS&C’s winning products and services. We’re looking to be an extension of our clients’ businesses, not just a technology vendor, and to do that without them having to go to multiple different vendors. This is key in an age when vendor risk is becoming a prominent topic. Both cultures, SS&C Eze and the wider group, advocate for investment in R&D, agile methodologies, and delivering very high-quality products. We’re looking forward to seeing what products and services we can bring together, whether that be outsourced services, or fund admin, or accounting, performance attribution – there is so much under one roof right now.”

Watch the full video here:

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