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Justin Casenta recently sat down with Hedgeweek to discuss hedge fund front-office needs.

The cost of falling behind in the front office is higher than ever before. Hedge funds today need a sophisticated front-office engine to differentiate their business.

In this year’s Hedgeweek Technology Innovations Report, SS&C Eze’s Justin Casenta, Sales Engineering Director, examines some of the questions that managers should be asking themselves when evaluating their technology. What should I be looking for in an all-in-one system? Does my vendor’s support team have the expertise to address mission-critical issues? What front-office tools do I need to prioritize to stay competitive and attract investors?

Find out why transforming your front-office experience is key to staying ahead today; read the full article here:

Level Up Your Front-Office Experience SS&C Eze’s Justin Casenta and Hedgeweek discuss hedge fund front-office needs. Read article >