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Oct, 14 20221 min read

SS&C Eze Uses Technology to Support Industry-Leading Implementation, Upgrade, and Client Change Request Projects

How SS&C Eze Enables Consistent Value Delivery and Internal & External Visibility

At SS&C Eze, we use top-of-the-line applications to support our industry-leading methodologies for implementation, upgrade, and client change request projects.  And recently, Stephen Cooper, Senior Director of Client Engagement, sat down with Cloud Coach, a project management and professional service automation software provider, to discuss how SS&C Eze's delivery team uses the platform to consistently execute projects with accuracy, operate with transparency, and facilitate communication internally, among our global delivery team and company leadership, and externally with clients. 

According to Cooper, Cloud Coach offers the SS&C Eze delivery team enhanced visibility into project status and backlog, as well as who is working on what, enabling the team to prioritize resources and more quickly and smoothly deliver the software solutions clients value.

He shares that in the case that a project does start to go off course, the tool provides SS&C Eze leadership the visibility they need to "dig in when there are challenges so that we can take corrective actions and make sure we're moving in the right direction." 

For Eze, one of Cloud Coach's most important functions is its ability to help monitor and track implementation, upgrade, and project progress and act as a communication vehicle to keep clients up to speed. This ongoing communication ensures that the Eze delivery team and client are aligned throughout the lifecycle of a project, resulting in more seamless deliveries and a smoother client experience. 

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