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Dec, 1 20212 min read

SS&C Eze to Launch Cloud Marketplace for Investment Management Apps

Eze Marketplace to provide plug-and-play access to ready-to-enable solutions

SS&C Eze is rapidly expanding the Eze Partner Ecosystem with the launch of Eze Marketplace, a cloud-based marketplace providing plug-and-play access to investment management apps and other solutions. Powered by a secure, real-time data sharing architecture, Eze Marketplace enables SS&C and other trusted partners to build ready-to-enable applications that are embedded in and directly interact with SS&C Eze platforms.

“Many firms are looking for a pay-as-you-grow model, or they want to mix-and-match specialized apps within their enterprise platforms. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach,” says Michael Hutner, General Manager, SS&C Eze. “Eze Marketplace gives our clients best-of-breed options in a one-stop-shopping container. We’re democratizing access and empowering asset managers to design the investment ecosystem that works for them, without the hassle and expense of custom coding or traditional integrations. It’s another way of giving control and flexibility back to our users.”

Eze Marketplace elevates the client experience by enabling them to quickly extend the capabilities of their Eze platforms with turnkey, seam-free solutions for risk, market intelligence, data visualization, chat, TCA, and more. All Marketplace Solutions are certified and backed by SS&C Eze’s rigorous security and risk programs including extensive due diligence and testing.

Just like downloading an app from your Apple or Android device, users can log-in to their Eze platform, enable a Marketplace Solution in a few clicks, and begin using it nearly instantly.

The Marketplace framework transforms how SS&C Eze collaborates with partners. It gives Marketplace Partners access to a wider range of data sets, significantly reduces implementation timelines, and enables them to develop or code solutions directly into Eze platforms.

“The data set our clients build and enrich in our platforms is incredibly powerful. Eze Marketplace enables clients to harness the power of their data across even more capabilities,” said Jenny Kim DeSmyter, Managing Director, Sales Strategy for SS&C Eze. “This is a step beyond file-based or programmatic data integration. We’re changing the game on how we approach partnership and enabling clients to very quickly address new business problems. Now, Eze users can discover trusted solutions from SS&C or other leading providers and start using them immediately.”

Marketplace will launch later this month with Marketplace Solutions for Eze Eclipse. Solutions for Eze Investment Suite are expected in 2022.

Learn more about Eze Marketplace here:

Eze Marketplace​  Reimagining the single platform experience.​