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MiFID II: Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Prepare

Erik Schlesinger, Director of Product Strategy, recently spoke to Inside Reference Data, a Waters Technology publication, about the challenges investment management firms are facing with the looming Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II -- and how the right asset management technology can help firms deal with data aggregation, standardization and regulatory reporting.

The key provisions of MiFID II will require firms to collect and process more data than ever before, and it’s critical that firms start preparing now. Here are key issues to consider:

  • OTC transaction reporting: does your firm have the capacity to collect and standardize this data?
  • Are you equipped to deal with data and privacy laws that will be triggered by certain transaction reporting provisions within MiFID II?
  • Can your systems handle continuous data collection, reporting and reconciliation with multiple counterparties in multiple jurisdictions?
  • Most importantly, is your data informing your investment management workflows in a seamless, comprehensive manner? In other words, is your data useful?

For tips on what to look for in an investment management platform that can help handle these challenges, read the full article on Inside Reference Data

For more on this topic, check out Adam De Rose’s video on what Eze Software’s doing to prepare.