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Aug, 4 2017< 1 min read

Eze OMS Named Best Buy-Side OMS For 8th Year In a Row

Buy-Side Backs Eze OMS In Coveted Waters Rankings

Emilia David, reporter for Waters Technology, commended Eze Software for "not sitting on its laurels" after seven consecutive years of winning the prestigious award. What continues to stand out to voters is Eze Software's commitment to service and innovation. Here are some key advancements we've made on the OMS front this year, according to Head of Product Management and Development Bill Neuman:

"A big area of investment over the last year has been deeper and more seamless integration between the OMS, our portfolio accounting system, and the execution management system, to where there is little-to-no manual effort at all between trade activities. There is investment as well around exposing some of the compliance and positions in the execution management system within the OMS—so traders who are more comfortable executing trades in either system can get access to industry-leading compliance and allocations capabilities."

Click here to read more about the latest Eze OMS enhancements, including MiFID II work.