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Jenny Kim DeSmyter, Managing Director at SS&C Eze, tells Markets Media how Eze Marketplace addresses common challenges faced by asset managers today.

SS&C Eze’s Managing Director of Sales and Strategy, Jenny Kim DeSmyter, talked to Markets Media about what asset managers are looking for in an investment ecosystem, how Eze Marketplace can address challenges they face, and new solutions to look forward to in the future.

In the Q&A, Kim DeSmyter discusses a wide range of topics surrounding the newly launched Eze Marketplace and the benefits it provides clients.

“Like any buyer, asset managers want and need the power of choice without compromising data integrity, efficiency, or security… Eze Marketplace is a game-changer in that we’ve significantly evolved both the approach and delivery toward addressing these needs.”

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To learn more about how Eze Marketplace can help you expand your capabilities, check out the Eze Marketplace webpage.