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Nov, 30 20221 min read

How SS&C Eze’s Project Management Methodologies Support Seamless Client Experiences

Aaron Santana-Smith Shares How SS&C Eze Leverages Technology to Execute Effective Implementation, Upgrade, and Client Change Request Projects

Recently, Aaron Santana-Smith, director of client programs, strategy management, and professional services at SS&C Eze, spoke at project management and professional service automation provider Cloud Coach’s London conference.

In his session, Aaron shared his experience with the technology and his work leading teams that create and deliver industry-leading methodologies for implementation, upgrade, and client change request projects.

"Over the years, SS&C Eze has developed strong project management capabilities that enable us to bring exceptional experiences and solutions to our clients," says Aaron. "Cloud Coach is part of the best-of-breed infrastructure supporting our project teams. The technology gives us the resources we need to seamlessly deliver client projects with excellence."

To manage at the scale SS&C Eze operates – and to ensure a consistently outstanding level of service – the company leverages Cloud Coach technology to automate processes, capture data, and embed project controls. These efforts ensure efficient, repeatable client experiences and adherence to best practices.

SS&C Eze is A Partner You Can Trust

At SS&C Eze, everything we do, from our product design to our support infrastructure and beyond, is built to deliver the most seamless experience possible so clients can focus on what matters most – achieving business goals. Our partnership with Cloud Coach is just one example of this commitment.

Hear from our clients about their experiences working with SS&C Eze.